Based on your quiz results, you could be a great

future candidate!

But, your BMI suggests that

you might not be ready for surrogacy yet...

But don’t worry! It is something you can definitely work on and we would love to help you achieve a BMI that is ideal for a healthy surrogacy journey.

Based on your quiz results it looks like your BMI is not yet in a healthy range to begin a surrogacy journey just yet. But don’t worry, this is something you have the power to change! Getting to a healthy BMI range between 20-30 will make sure you have the healthiest and most successful surrogacy journey! 

Studies have shown that our bodies respond best to IVF medications and embryo transfers when we hold a healthy weight and it plays such an important role in your health and your chances of having a healthy pregnancy! Women with a BMI above or below the normal range are at a higher risk of IVF and pregnancy complications. And since our #1 priority is that you have the safest & most amazing experience possible, we’re here to help support you in getting your BMI to a healthier point so that we can confidently get you the best agency options because you will also receive higher compensation offers once you meet those BMI goals! 

We will email you our best BMI tips & tricks for you to start working on. You’ve got this mama! We are so excited to hear about the changes you’ll begin making and please know we are here to support you! Someone from our dream team will check in with you periodically to see how you’re doing. We’re so excited to work with you!