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Hear from real women, like Josie, who've changed lives through surrogacy.

A healthy pregnancy is rarer than you might think, and if you’re able to use your super power to help a hopeful family-to-be, you can bring home a life-changing amount of money in the process…

…$40,000 – $70,000 on average.

josie surrogacy is ambassador
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surrogates found their extra perfect journey with help from Surrogacy Is…❤️


I`m not bring any new babies home without a name minimum 😂 #iykyk

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Surrogacy Update 🗣

TLDR: I’m not pregnant but today is my birthday 🥴

Onward and upward! 3rd times the charm🤞🏾

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Nerves are all over the place!

Pregnancy blood test in the morning 🤞🏾!

Do you think the 2nd time was the charm?!

Sticky thoughts only 😌✨

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Transfer #2 in the books🙌🏾!

This past weekend and some change had been a blur! I went from Investfest in Atlanta to Connecticut for my transfer. Monday was testing to make sure my hormone levels looked good. Tuesday was the transfer which thequeenofcascade occumpanied for. Wednesday i was had back to the A😮‍💨.

The transfer went seamless and I was able to grab some footage for the IPs.

Now I just wait and think extra “sticky” thoughts 🤞🏾🤰🏾🙌🏾

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Surrogacy Update 🗣!

I`m in Connecticut getting ready for transfer #2🙌🏾! Testing went well today so the surro embryo will have "nice and fluffy" place to land. I`m still taking all 3 meds and will be on them for the early part of the pregnancy.

So I`m requesting positive vibes, energy and prayers as I go in for my transfer tomorrow 🤞🏾🙌🏾✨

OAN....I`m hella tired coming off of Investfest this past weekend 🤌🏾🙌🏾. I`ll save that action for another post or 2.

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First shoot of the cycle!

T-minus 5 days to till transfer #2 ⏰

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Today was one of my last three or so workouts pre-transfer! I`m working on giving myself grace since these hormones have my weight up 🥴. Not ideal but unavoidable and not worth stressing over since I`ll be preggo with surro baby sooner or later🤷🏾‍♀️. Hopefully sooner🤞🏾. skin is looking goodt🤌🏾!

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Baby!!! All these meds are for lil ole me!

- Progesterone in oil - shots
- Estradiol (estrogen) - pills
- Progesterone suppositories
- Ganirelix Acetate - shot ( I didn`t have these last time so this is new🥴)

I will be on the estradiol alone till next week then probably start everything else thereafter.

Full update coming soon....I`m overdue one..😅

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Guess who’s getting ready for transfer #2 🙌🏾!!! I’ve been itching to get this party started after an unsuccessful initial transfer back in early April.

I’ll probably sit down and record a more detailed video later but for now...we ready!

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Surrogacy Update 🤰🏾🗣️!

I’ve been on hold since the 1st transfer was unsuccessful in March. In the next few weeks I will be gearing up for round 2 since the egg transfer was scheduled for today🙌🏾!

OAN.....In the meantime I’m going to shed this extra 10-15lbs I put on 🥴

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Pregnancy results and next steps!!!

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Be there or be square....or whatever...😂

I have some news to share and why not get some practice using Instagram Live while I`m at it 🤷🏾‍♀️.

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Nuff said 😒.

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Am I pregnant or naw?!😩

The wait has been killing me🥴! Especially since I`ve taken 4 pregnancy tests (likely too early)and they have been negative.

Current symptoms - sore /heavy breasts and minor occasional cramping


Finger crossed little buddy stuck 🤞🏾

OAN....this is wild to be hoping for a pregnancy 🥴😂

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I don`t want no mo kids if the husband is "sold separately"🗣! Periodt! 😂

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Surrogacy Update 🗣!!!!

Day 1 & 2 - I traveled to Stamford, CT last Wednesday evening. Thursday morning in between work meetings, I went in for a blood test(estradiol and progesterone) and vaginal ultrasound to check my lining. I then headed back to my hotel and waited for my results to come back and get confirmation of a transfer time.

Day 3 - TRANSFER DAY! Since I knew I wouldn`t be exercising for a few days, I got a solid workout in Friday morning and caught a sunrise.
My transfer was scheduled for the afternoon and my support person (bestie) came with. I got checked in and received a wristband with my deets to ensure I got implanted with the correct embryo. I was then given a run down by the fertility doctor on what to expect for the day. I even got a picture of the embryo! The nurse then directed me to change into a hospital gown, socks and hair net then walked me to the procedure room.

From there they prepped all of the equipment needed for the transfer. It was setup similar to a pap smear for context. The embryologist then brought in the embryo and confirmed my information, then the procedure started. It took maybe 5 mins in total! Then I got transferred to a bed with wheels for some rest time (20 mins) before being discharged.

It went by hella fast! I did experience some cramping thereafter and had to do the absolute least for the rest of the day. Special thanks to thequeenofcascade for being present and helpful and youro_ohighness for giving me a good giggle while I was waiting to be discharged 😂.

So now we wait🥴😩....

OAN....if you`re interested in being a surrogate yourself click on the link in my bio to complete a quick quiz to see if you qualify! Also feel free to reach out!

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Transfer Day 🙌🏾!! Wish be good luck y`all!
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Surrogacy stories from

Real-Life Supermoms

Kay, Experienced Surrogate

We are true

surrogate advocates

Kay, Experienced Surrogate

A surrogate advocate is a person or group who truly advocates for the brave, amazing moms who decide to become surrogates.

We take being surrogate advocates very seriously. Being a surrogate advocate isn’t a marketing gimmick. It’s not a side-hustle. It’s everything.

Surrogates, in our eyes, are the most important piece of this equation.

While most agencies say they “advocate” for the surrogate, do they really?

If you think about it, the perspective many agencies have comes down to human nature. Most agencies are intended parent focused, because that’s the ultimate client they’re designed to serve. And that’s okay! We serve intended parents, too!

After all, the purpose of a surrogacy agency is to help intended parents achieve their dream of having a baby, and we think that’s an absolutely noble purpose. It’s our purpose, too!

But far too often, the surrogate’s interests can be dismissed, so a true surrogate advocate helps balance that equation.

We’re not looking to tip the scales, just balance them.

No, we don’t think so. If someone truly advocates for surrogates, the interests and experience of the surrogate should be the mission of the company. Their organization should be surrogate focused first & foremost.

That doesn’t mean that intended parents aren’t a focus, as well. But it’s our philosophy that, a well-prepared, well-informed, well-supported surrogate is the cornerstone of the most successful surrogacy journeys.

How we serve intended parents is by taking great care of the surrogates who make the surrogacy journey possible.

And we’re not talking about creating surrogacy divas here. We’re talking about ensuring equal support, and mutual respect. We believe that, if the end goal is for the intended parent(s) to bring home their sweet baby, and for the surrogate (and her family) to have their lives changed in the most positive way, this is how it’s done.

Here’s what’s important to know about us. We’re surrogate advocates first. That’s how we started, and that’s what we’ll always be.

Every surrogate that goes through our process gets the following things that most (all?) agencies don’t offer:

  • Choices between several other agencies
  • A surrogate advocate who supports you through your journey 100% free
  • Most surrogates who find us end up working with our amazing partner agencies. We think that’s great! No agency is a perfect choice 100% of the time, even us!

Most surrogacy agencies have long lists of intended parents waiting to be matched with their perfect surrogate. If an advocacy group is owned by an agency, it might be difficult for them to truly encourage any surrogate who enters their process to consider all of her options when they really want her to work with their agency—regardless of whether that’s the best fit for her.

By remaining independent, we don’t have any motivations to show a surrogate candidate one agency over another. We simply allow every surrogate to have options and make fully informed decisions on what’s best for her!

And here’s what’s important for you to know about working w/ Surrogacy Is… occasionally, we can be an “agency” option for you. What this means is, we can be an option for you to choose. But the choice is always yours. Whether we manage your journeys or one of your other agency choices, we know you’ll be in good hands.

And no matter what, you’ll always have a surrogate advocate in your corner. 100% free.

“OK, I know you’re surrogate advocates, but you said you can sometimes be an agency option for me, too? If you are surrogate advocates, how can you sometimes be an agency? Doesn’t that go against everything you just said?”

No, not at all. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. 

We started off as surrogate advocates, and we’ll always be surrogate advocates first and foremost. 

We’re not an agency that starts a “surrogate advocate group” as a marketing gimmick. If you’re already an agency, why not just advocate for surrogates as an agency, if you truly care about advocating for surrogates?

And there are agencies that truly do this for surrogates, don’t get us wrong. For example, the agencies we provide as options for you are agencies who truly advocate for surrogates.

So, if anything, we’re surrogate advocates that started an “agency” to better serve our surrogates. If we can be the best option and fit for what you need in your journey, then we may be an option for you as an “agency.”

You’ll always receive choices of the best agencies we can find, whether or not we’re on the list.

Can you see the difference?

So, if you haven’t yet, take our 8-minute quiz, then schedule a 1-on-1 call with a surrogate advocate (they’re experienced surrogates, too!) and they can walk you through what surrogacy could look like for you and your family!

(The content above has been updated to better fit our definition of what a surrogate advocate is. To see our original copy, click here.)

Evie, Experienced Surrogate

Real Surrogates. Real Stories.

Kristina’s surrogacy story

Kids talk about surrogacy

Cheyenne’s surrogacy story

Morgan’s surrogacy story

Real Surrogates.

Real Stories.

Yamilet’s surrogacy story

Sunshine’s surrogacy story

Sam’s surrogacy story

Casey’s surrogacy story

We understand

every surrogate is unique.

Brittany, Experienced Surrogate

The journey of surrogacy is an amazing, life-changing experience.

Moms get to help another family get started while bringing herself the opportunity to do the things she’s always dreamed of for her own family.

Every single woman who volunteers to take on this journey to help another family become whole, does so with lots of different ideas, expectations, and motivations.

Whether you’ve seen first-hand the struggles of infertility for someone you love and care about, or you are simply exploring the idea out of curiousity, it’s important that you are informed about the process, the risks, and the rewards of helping someone else in such a tremendous way.

As much as intended parents have ideas about who they want their surrogate to be, and how they imagine her lifestyle and values while caring for their unborn child, surrogates also have expectations and hopes for the type of family they want to share this journey with. It’s our goal to connect amazing moms with the right surrogacy agencies to bring their dream to life, too.

We believe with all our hearts that surrogacy is family, sisterhood, strength. Surrogacy is… Love.

There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others.

So... what's it like

to be a surrogate?

We’re looking for unicorns like you

You may not realize it, but your body’s ability to create a healthy baby AND bring it into the world isn’t just amazing — it’s rare.

You may not have felt special as you struggled to see your feet and you stopped fitting into your bras, but we promise: you really are so, so freaking special.

And we need moms just like you to bring joy to a family in the making and to your family as well.

Take our short 8-minute quiz!

Are we the real deal?

Check out more stories on Insta!

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Sometimes, it takes a village to have a child.

Real Surrogates. Real Stories.

Would you still be a surrogate...

without Surrogacy Is?


asked questions

Take our short 8-minute quiz now.

Surrogacy is a process where a woman carries and delivers another person or couple’s child. This pregnancy happens through in vitro fertilization (IVF), which means this woman does not have any biological connection to the baby.

The surrogate is the ‘gestational carrier;’ this means she is providing the womb to carry the embryo for the Intended Parents (IP’s).

In surrogacy, there are Intended Parents, agencies, and surrogates.

The Intended Parents (IP’s) are the individuals looking to build their family or bring a baby into the world. The agencies work directly with the IP’s, helping them find the right surrogate candidates, coordinating with attorneys, helping with logistics (insurance, psychologists, contracts, etc.) and supporting them in the decision-making process. This way the IP’s can focus on developing a relationship with the surrogate! And the surrogates are the incredible mamas who help make it all happen!

Yes, but more. 😉 First & foremost, we’re Surrogate Advocates who support amazing moms in their surrogacy journeys. That’s how we started our first 3 years… solely working with surrogates. We’ve been helping amazing moms choose from vetted, ethical surrogacy agencies who are motivated to do their best work for our candidates.

We’ve taken all that experience and created what we like to think is the ideal agency for the amazing moms who choose to be surrogates, and the hopeful parents-to-be that are waiting for their bundle of joy.

We’re like your experienced surrogate best friend, who can guide you through this process… w/ no pressure ever.

Throughout our first 3 years solely working w/ surrogates as advocates, we’ve realized something:

There aren’t as many agencies who truly advocate for surrogates as we’d like… trust us… we’ve searched. And searched. And searched.

So we decided to start an agency of our own.

There’s no one perfect agency, but we’re dedicated to becoming yours.

We offer a quick (free!) quiz to help you see if you’d be a good candidate for surrogacy. Click here to take it now!

There are several requirements for surrogates (in order to protect the health of both the surrogate and the baby). You can find them on our requirements page.

Here are a few:

–        having at least one successful, full-term pregnancy

–        being within a recommended age range

–        having a ‘healthy’ BMI

–     free of tobacco and recreational drugs

–    having a strong support system 

To be honest, some of these requirements can be confusing (or, frankly, feel a bit limiting). So, once you take the quiz, if you have questions, feel free to reach out to us! We’d be happy to explain, provide clarity on your qualifications, or work with you on the next steps in your journey.

We put ‘healthy’ in quotes for a reason—because what’s considered ‘healthy’ is so different for each person! And, depending on a myriad of other factors, you may not need to fall exactly within this range.

However, a BMI between 18-32 is recommended because this is what is considered medically healthy for a surrogate undergoing IVF and other treatments along the journey.

A BMI that falls under the range may be too low for a safe pregnancy and delivery. It may also point to underlying health conditions for the surrogate. A higher BMI can impact the effectiveness of the IVF treatment, how your body responds to the medication, and ovarian function in general. A higher BMI can also lead to pregnancy and birth complications, too, which is why this requirement is set–not only for surrogates but at all fertility clinics. 

In short, the BMI range is all about ensuring the healthiest pregnancy possible. 

First of all congratulations! Only 4 out of 10 women who take the quiz meet all of the requirements, so it’s super rare to have both the heart and the health history to qualify as a surrogate! 
The next step after passing our 8-minute quiz is to schedule a Q&A with one of our awesome surrogate advocates. They’re experienced surrogates, too! They’ll walk you through the whole process, help to build your profile, determine your ideal compensation, and match you with the best agency out there specifically to match your unique wants, needs, and personality. 

Yes! You can become a surrogate if you’ve had tubal ligation.

Tubal ligation is a surgery that involves cutting and tying the fallopian tubes (which prevents an egg from entering the uterus or sperm from passing from the tube to the egg).

In surrogacy, pregnancy happens through IVF—where the fertilized egg/embryo is transferred directly to the uterus—which doesn’t involve the tubes at all! So, in short, you can still bring your IP’s baby into the world even after tubal ligation.

  • Typical compensation packages for surrogacy consist of a base compensation ranging from $45,000 – $75,000, based on several factors plus additional payments for milestones leading up to and throughout the pregnancy, such as medication start, embryo transfer, maternity clothing at second trimester, and more.
  • All expenses are paid for the surrogate to meet with the parents’ IVF doctor for an in-person medical evaluation. If travel is required, those expenses are paid for as well as a per diem for meals and expenses.
  • Compensation and Benefit Packages typically start once legal contracts are signed and a trust account is fully funded with the entire surrogate compensation and expenses. 
  • Surrogates receive their base compensation in monthly installments throughout the pregnancy. 

Read more about surrogacy compensation:

No, your eggs won’t be used in the surrogacy process.

There are two types of surrogacy—traditional and gestational—and with gestational surrogacy (the type of surrogacy we focus on!), the IP’s eggs and sperm will be used.

So, in short, the surrogate will not be biologically related to the baby at all.

Although it might seem strange that your significant other needs a background check, this is a requirement in place to protect all aspects and all individuals in the surrogacy journey.

A background check (both for the surrogate and her spouse) helps to ensure the safety of the environment for surrogate and baby during pregnancy and birth.

(Don’t worry, the Intended parents undergo a background check too!)

Yes, you can’t have more than 2 C-sections (or 3 with a clearance letter from your OB) or more than 6 live births.

There are a few required vaccinations for surrogacy: TDAP, Varicella (chickenpox immunity), MMR (measles, mumps, rubella). Others, for example flu and COVID are flexible.

Some IP’s may have specific requirements for their surrogate to ensure safety during pregnancy and delivery, or to match their lifestyle and values.

It’s best to first take our short quiz to see if you qualify as a surrogate candidate. When you take the quiz, you’ll be able to see and understand the basic requirements.

From there, we will connect with you to learn your goals, perspectives, and values—and connect you with an agency  that honors your choices.

Typically, 21-40. We’ve had cases up to 45 get approved by an IVF clinic, but it’s rare. 

Every prospective surrogate must be at least 21 years old before she can be approved for surrogacy. This minimum age requirement is set by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, based on what experts have identified as the best indicators of success for a gestational carrier.

But most importantly age restrictions exist only to protect the surrogate and the baby’s health and give the best chance for successful outcomes! 

For us to help you become a surrogate, you need to be a U.S. citizen or U.S. permanent resident.

Yes! You absolutely can be a single mom and a surrogate. You just need to make sure you have a good support system. You might need emotional support or potentially someone to be with your kids while you are attending appointments or delivering your intended parents’ magical, miracle baby.

No. All medical expenses are covered by insurance or the intended parents/agency. All expenses are paid for the surrogate to meet with the parents’ IVF doctor for an in-person medical evaluation. If travel is required, those expenses are paid for as well as a per diem for meals and expenses.

Also, before surrogate pregnancy, typical benefits & compensation can include:

  • Monthly non-accountable allowance starting at $250+ per month throughout the journey
  • Mock Cycle Fee starting at $500+
  • Medication Start Fee starting at $500+
  • Signing and other bonuses starting at $1000+
  • Embryo Transfer Fee starting at $1000+
  • Health Insurance Monthly Premium (actual cost)
  • Legal Counsel (actual cost)

Parents that have decided to choose surrogacy have already been through a lot! The couples that I carried for had already fallen in love with the EMBRYOS before they transferred them to my uterus. They knew the sex of the future baby, and that they had all the normal chromosomes they should have.  They knew for a decade before trying surrogacy that they would find a way to bring those embryos to life. And that’s the story of a lot of those couples. They have invested so much time, hope, tears, and resources to make it possible for their children to be born. They will never change their mind about it!  But if they did (which they won’t!) there are fully enforceable legal contracts in place, as well as a fully funded trust account that has your entire compensation and medical expenses in it before you even begin IVF medications. The legal contract even has provisions in place for a next of kin, should anything happen to the parents before the baby is born, so there is someone ready and able to take them home and love them when they are born. When you get to the matching stage and hear the parent’s stories, you will see. Intended parents love their children just as much as we love our own.

A gestational surrogate becomes pregnant via IVF. The embryo is created in a lab, where the intended mother or donor egg is fertilized with the intended father or donor’s sperm. The embryo is then implanted into the surrogate’s uterus. With this method, the surrogate is not related to the baby. The majority of surrogacy arrangements are gestational these days. 

At first glance, it would seem obvious that a surrogate would get attached to the child, right?!

But as a surrogate, you go into the process with eyes wide open to the fact that the child you are caring for is not your own.There is not that sense of yearning you have when you’re carrying your own child, wondering if it will have your eyes or your husband’s nose. You are not choosing the baby’s name. You’re not imagining all of the big moments the way you do with your own sweet babies!

You go into the pregnancy in a very non-romantic, science-based way, and you know that this kid’s parents loved her before she was ever conceived, and fought so hard to make her life a reality.

In fact, you probably will feel more attached to the intended parents, and not the baby.

Nope! We partner with agencies all over the US, who work with surrogates, intended parents, and hospitals all over the US.
If you prefer a local match or less travel, we will help you find agency options that meet your needs, but geography won’t hurt your ability to become a surrogate.

Once we review your agency options with you and you choose your ideal agency, you’ll complete their intake process until you’re cleared to match. There are a lot more intended parents than surrogates, so matching is usually fairly quick for surrogates. From the time you complete the intake process to match, it takes about 30 days on average. 

💯 you do! We work hard to find you the right agency who has the type of intended parents you want to help. We have a great relationship with our agencies, and they know how important it is to us that they find you the intended parents you’re hoping for!

While there are very few companies who call themselves surrogate advocates, we’re definitely not all the same. For example, Surrogacy Is…❤️ is founded and privately owned by experienced surrogates whose singular focus is to advocate for other women entering this process, in the way we wish we’d had when we were starting out.

At Surrogacy is… being a surrogate advocate is not a “gimmick” or a sales pitch. It is in the DNA of each member of our organization, and our sole purpose for existing. 

While there are others out there who call themselves “surrogate advocates” most are owned or funded by agencies whose interest is to recruit surrogates into their program, whether or not it’s the right and best fit for each surrogate.

But wait, didn’t I hear you say that you’re an agency, too?

We’re a surrogate advocate group who created an agency to provide more choice to our surrogates. That’s very different than an agency who creates a “surrogate advocate” group to refer people to their agency. 

Take our short 8-minute quiz now.

National Human Rights Day is a profound reminder that the heart of humanity beats for justice, equality, and dignity. 🌍✨

On this day, we come together as a global community to honor the inherent rights of every individual, no matter their background, beliefs, or circumstances. It`s a day to reflect on the progress we`ve made and the challenges that remain on our path to a more just and equal world.

Every person deserves the right to live in freedom, to be treated with respect and fairness, and to have their voice heard. In the face of discrimination, oppression, and injustice, we stand together to protect and uphold these fundamental rights.
Let`s use this day as a reminder that our work is not done. Together, we can build a brighter future, one where human rights are not just words on paper but a living reality for all. 🌍✨

#HumanRightsDay #StandForEquality

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Intended parents do not typically have the same extensive set of requirements that surrogates do. However, that does not mean that they do not have requirements at all. Surrogates need to undergo thorough screenings to ensure they are physically and emotionally prepared for the journey. These screenings can include medical, psychological and background checks. 📑

Intended parents will be required to prove they have the legal capacity to enter into a surrogacy agreement. They will need to demonstrate their genuine intent and commitment to becoming parents through surrogacy, they will need to have proof they are financially stable and that they are capable of covering all costs associated with surrogacy.

They will also need to meet any and all legal requirements related to surrogacy in the jurisdiction they reside in, as well as meeting with healthcare professionals and a criminal background check. 🏛️

So while the requirements are quite different for Ips and surrogates, they are still there to ensure a safe journey for all parties involved.✨

#surrogacyis #intendedparents #surrogacyrequirements #surrogacy #SurrogacyJourney #SurrogacyIsLove

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In the realm of surrogacy, the number of embryos transferred is a carefully considered and deeply personal decision. It`s a pivotal moment where science and hope harmonize to build families.🩵

Many factors influence the decision, such as the age and health of the intended parents, the surrogate`s health, and the recommendations of fertility specialists. Most reproductive specialists recommend a single embryo transfer, emphasizing the importance of a healthy pregnancy for both surrogate and baby.

The embryo transfer embodies the dreams, love, and aspirations of all involved. It`s a profound moment that reflects the unique and intricate nature of every surrogacy journey.✨💜

#surrogacy #embryotransfer #surrogacyis

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🌟While it is totally normal to have these thoughts when you are first starting your surrogacy journey, it is important to remember who is in need of a surrogate.

Like Casey said, the parent(s) who are requiring the help of a surrogate, have longed for this child. whether they found out they needed a surrogate after suffering the trauma of infertility, or if they are a same sex couple who knew that they would need some extra help to have a biological child, they have spent countless hours pouring themselves into this process.

You can rest assured that when you start your journey, you are helping to create a family for someone who has made the long, hard decision to see this journey through to fruition! 🌈


#surrogacy #surrogacyis #SurrogacyJourney #SurrogacyIsLove

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Being a good mom is like riding an ever-changing rollercoaster, and guess what? That`s absolutely okay! 🎢💖

Every day in motherhood brings something new, something unexpected. One day, you`re a chef, whipping up their favorite meals, and the next, you`re a teacher, helping them navigate their homework. You`re the cheerleader when they need encouragement and the comfort when they have a bad day. The role of a mom is incredibly diverse, and it can be different from one day to the next.

But here`s the magic of it all – you`re doing an amazing job. Your love is a constant in this ever-shifting world. Through all the ups and downs, your unconditional love is the anchor, the guiding light that helps your children grow and thrive.

So, remember, it`s okay if motherhood looks different every day. Embrace the unpredictability, cherish the moments, and trust in the love you give. You`re an amazing mom, wearing those various hats with grace and an overflowing heart. 💖🌟

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🌟We can’t stress this enough: Surrogates absolutely deserve to be compensated for their time, hard work, and risk. 🌟

Surrogacy is a journey that demands dedication, time, and emotional commitment. Surrogates go through a series of medical procedures, take hormone shots, attend numerous appointments, and undergo the life-changing experience of birth and postpartum. Their selflessness and generosity bring immense joy and complete families.

Compensation for surrogates is not just a financial matter; it’s a recognition of their sacrifices and the valuable role they play in creating families. It enables them to support their own families, cover expenses, and be financially secure during the journey.

At Surrogacy Is, we are dedicated to supporting and empowering surrogates on every step of their incredible journey. We believe in fairness, respect, and providing the care they truly deserve.

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✨In the fast-paced world we live in, it`s easy to get caught up in the constant hustle and bustle. But, remember that it`s perfectly alright to hit the brakes and take a moment for yourself. Life`s demands can be overwhelming, and it`s essential to prioritize your well-being.

Amidst the chaos, allow yourself the luxury of slowing down. Embrace the stillness, breathe deeply, and find solace in the present moment. Take a break from the never-ending to-do lists, the endless obligations, and the pressure to constantly achieve. Allow yourself the freedom to rest, recharge, and reconnect with what truly matters.💆‍♀️

Remember, Mama, that self-care is not selfish; it`s a necessity. By slowing down, you`re not only preserving your own mental and physical health but also setting an example for those around you. Teach your loved ones the importance of balance and self-love.
So, Mama, give yourself permission to take it easy. Embrace the power of slowing down and discover the beauty in finding peace amidst the chaos.💜

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✨ Join Our Team! ✨

We`re growing again, and we`re on the lookout for a passionate Surrogate Intake Coordinator to join Surrogacy.Is. Be part of a team that`s more than just an agency – we`re a movement! 🚀

🌐 Remote | 🕒 Flexible Hours
💼 1+ Year Experience Required
💸 $25/hr + Benefits

Are you ready to help shape the future of surrogacy? Email your resume and cover letter to to learn more! 💌

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“Why don’t they just adopt?”

It’s a question that often arises, and while it may be well-intentioned, it oversimplifies the complexities of the adoption process. Adoption is not always easy, and for some families, it may not align with their desires or circumstances.

Instead of judging those who choose surrogacy, let’s embrace a more compassionate and understanding approach. Let’s encourage open-mindedness and empathy towards diverse paths to parenthood. Every individual’s journey is unique, and there should be no shame or judgment.

Surrogacy is a remarkable and awe-inspiring choice. It provides hope, joy, and the opportunity for families to be created in a special and meaningful way. Let’s celebrate the beauty and positivity that surrogacy brings into the lives of many. 🌈

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let's meet...

Sunshine & Shelly

They’ve each been surrogates 3 times…

…and they’re going to walk you through the initial process to make sure your journey is a success. 

Shelly is creative, ambitious, and next-level kind. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing at FIDM by 19, before becoming a mom and has had a thriving career in the fertility space. Her huge heart and advocacy for gay parents led her to become a surrogate for two sets of dads, a couple in Norway and another couple in LA. 

Sunshine is fiercely independent, pragmatic and resourceful. As a teen mom, she earned her Bachelor’s degree in English Education from CSULB and went on to teach High School English, empowering students who needed to feel seen and heard by teaching them the art of written expression. 

It was Shelly’s example that inspired Sunshine to go out on a limb and try something as “crazy” as surrogacy and it absolutely changed her life for the better. 

Shelly and Sunshine have helped to bring seven babies into the world, completing four families, across three continents, not including their own!

Now they are using their voices to advocate for and support women in realizing their dreams of creating the most beautiful life they can for their families.