Based on your quiz results, you could be a great

future candidate!

But, your current medication/s suggest that

you might not be ready for surrogacy yet...

But hope is not lost because your dream of helping a couple become a family is still achievable and we’ve outlined a few steps you can take below.

As a surrogate it is so very important that the timing is right and #1 that it is a safe choice for you! All Gestational Carriers must be in an emotionally stable position to pursue a journey.

With that said we recommend meeting with your prescribing physician and discussing your ability to pursue a journey with any diagnosis you may have and a treatment plan to help resolve and bring you to a place where you can pursue surrogacy safely. 

Please remember you should only begin weaning or have stopped medication because you and your doctor feel confident you no longer need it & it’s safe for you because your family needs the best version of you! If you have plans to wean we can begin your screening though we will put your profile on a soft hold until 3 months have passed post wean and your prescribing physician feels comfortable signing a medication clearance letter, which we can provide you with. 

You’ve got this mama! We are so excited to hear about the improvements you’ll be making and please know we are here to support you! Someone from our dream team will check in with you periodically to see how you’re doing. We’re so excited to work with you!