Based on your quiz results, you could be a great

future candidate!

But, your little one suggests that

you might not be ready for surrogacy yet...

As a surrogate it’s best to wait until you and your little one are closer to your planned weaning stage. Of course, there is no pressure to wean from nursing. We are huge advocates of breastfeeding because that milk is GOLD & it’s a beautiful bonding time for you both!

IVF Clinics want us fully weaned by medical screening time so that our hormone levels and menstrual cycles have a chance to normalize & studies have shown breastfeeding may affect the hormones required for the IVF procedure plus we wouldn’t want those IVF hormones to affect your milk.

Agency options are available 3 months prior to weaning based on a typical surrogacy timeline so if you’re close to weaning it’s the right time to schedule & if not it’s best to hold off for now!

Someone from our dream team will check in with you periodically to see how you’re doing & when you’re closer to weaning.

We’re so excited to work with you!