Motherhood is a Super Power!

Watch Shaleen’s surrogacy journey unfold in her Instagram feed below, and learn how Surrogacy Is helped Shaleen find the right agency and get the highest compensation, 100% free.

Hear from real women, like Shaleen, who've changed lives through surrogacy.

A healthy pregnancy is rarer than you might think, and if you’re able to use your super power to help a hopeful family-to-be, you can bring home a life-changing amount of money in the process…

...$40,000 - $70,000 on average.

Watch Shaleen’s surrogacy story unfold, and how she found a surrogate support system at Surrogacy Is…

...and remember, everything we do for you is always 100% free.

🤔A lot of women worry about C-sections disqualifying them from surrogacy. The good news is, If you have had a previous c-section you can still be a surrogate with proper recommendation from your OB! 💜🙌

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We are beyond proud to support and uplift surrogates across the country!

🌟 As the owners of Surrogacy Is, we have firsthand experience as surrogates ourselves - a combined total of 5 incredible journeys between us! However, we understand that not all surrogates have had the best experiences with their agencies.

That’s precisely why we founded SurrogacyIS, to be that extra layer of protection and unwavering support that every surrogate deserves. We are here to ensure that your journey is filled with compassion, guidance, and empowerment every step of the way.

Surrogacy is an extraordinary act of love, and we are dedicated to making it an even more positive and fulfilling experience for all involved. Together, let’s create a community where surrogates feel valued, celebrated, and supported. 💛✨

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✨We are so honored to walk with you on your journeys through surrogacy. We strive to provide the most excellent service to every woman who trusts us to see them through surrogacy. Our hope is that you will feel empowered, heard, encouraged and loved! 💕

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🌟 Sharing your expectations with your agency about the relationships you desire with your intended parents is a must! It allows them to find the perfect match that aligns with your vision. Building relationships with intended parents takes effort and commitment from both sides, but the rewards are priceless.

✨ Embrace open communication and mutual understanding to create a deep and meaningful connection throughout your surrogacy journey. Together, you have the power to make this experience truly special, filled with love, trust, and joy. Embark on this incredible journey, hand in hand, and create lifelong bonds! 💛

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🎗️ October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month 🎗️

Did you know that 1 in 8 women and 1 in 833 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer? Early detection is our strongest weapon! Remember to self-examine, schedule regular check-ups, and be mindful of your risk factors.

Here are some tips for early detection:

🎗️Perform regular breast self-exams to become familiar with the normal look and feel of your breasts. Look for any changes, such as lumps, dimples, skin changes, or nipple discharge. If you notice any unusual changes, consult a healthcare professional.

🎗️Mammograms are essential for detecting breast cancer in its early stages, often before symptoms appear. Discuss the frequency and timing of mammograms with your healthcare provider.

🎗️Understand your personal risk factors for breast cancer. These may include family history, genetic mutations (such as BRCA1 and BRCA2), age, hormonal factors, and lifestyle choices.

🎗️If you notice any breast changes or experience unusual symptoms, such as persistent pain, lumps, or skin changes, seek prompt medical attention. Early evaluation and diagnosis are essential.

Remember, early detection is your best defense. Share this information with your loved ones to spread awareness and save lives. 💖

#BreastCancerAwareness #Pinktober

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Q: Should I only match with the IP’s who have their embryo tested?
🤔 A: There are some situations where testing is less important, for instance, if the embryos were created using young healthy donor eggs and healthy sperm. Also, if the goal is to give the embryos a shot knowing that both IP and Surrogate don’t want to terminate the pregnancy for any reason.

🧬 Testing can rule out a lot of things, but not everything so having tested embryos can also give us a false sense of security that everything will be fine but failed transfers, miscarriage, and complications are still a possibility even with tested embryos.

👣 We sign up to take on such a huge burden for our IPs so doing what you feel most confident with is key. While having tested embryos may bring a sense of comfort, it’s a personal decision and one that you should choose after doing your research and talking to those who are there to help you through your journey.

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✨The entire surrogacy process can take anywhere from 15-20+ months. You can expect the time from filling out your application to embryo transfer can take 8+ months. 🩵💜

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🗣️Let me tell you, embarking on a surrogacy journey can bring about countless unexpected opportunities! Just like Kim shared, it’s not only an amazing experience, but it also opens doors to forming meaningful friendships with like-minded individuals.

Surrogacy brings together incredible women who share a common bond, a deep understanding of the journey they’re undertaking. As you navigate this path, you’ll have the chance to connect with others who have walked a similar road, offering support, guidance, and friendship along the way.

These newfound friendships can become a source of strength, comfort, and shared experiences. Imagine having a network of compassionate individuals who truly understand your surrogacy journey and provide unwavering support.

So, get ready for more than just an amazing adventure. Embrace the opportunity to forge beautiful connections with like-minded friends who will walk by your side throughout this extraordinary journey of love and selflessness. You’re about to embark on something truly special! 🌟💕

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✨Embarking on a surrogacy journey isn`t just a path you walk – it`s an incredible transformation. Through selflessness and love, you`re giving life in ways that forever shape your heart. As you nurture the dreams of others, you`ll discover a depth of compassion and joy that`s truly unparalleled. Get ready to embrace a journey that will fill your life with newfound purpose and endless positivity. 🌟👶❤️

#SurrogacyLove #WorthTheJourney #IncredibleExperiences #BraveWomen #JoyfulDestinations #surrogacyis

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💕We are incredibly grateful to receive such kind words! At Surrogacy Is, our utmost priority is to support and empower every woman we have the privilege of working with. Surrogates deserve unwavering support, and we are here to provide just that!

We are dedicated to creating a nurturing and uplifting environment for surrogates, where their needs and well-being are valued. Our team works tirelessly to ensure that you feel supported every step of the way. Your incredible selflessness and commitment to helping others build their families is truly inspiring.

Remember, you are never alone on this journey. We are here to offer guidance, answer your questions, and provide the support you deserve. Together, let’s make this surrogacy experience an empowering and fulfilling one. Your strength and compassion are changing lives, and we are honored to be a part of your remarkable journey! 🌟💕

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✨Let me tell you, every woman we’ve had the privilege of working with has truly embraced and cherished the surrogacy journey! It’s been incredible to witness their experiences unfold.

Sure, there may have been some bumps along the way, but guess what? They all say the same thing in the end—it was absolutely worth it!

It’s amazing to see how their initial concerns and challenges transformed into joy and fulfillment. These brave women have shown incredible resilience and strength throughout their journeys. They’ve inspired us with their determination and unwavering love for making dreams come true.

So, if you’re considering surrogacy, remember that the road may have its twists and turns, but the destination is undeniably worth it. You’ll be part of an extraordinary journey that brings immeasurable happiness to others. Trust in your heart, and embrace this remarkable path that has brought so much joy to countless women. You’ve got this! 💪❤️

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The amount of travel required during your journey depends on where the IPs fertility clinic is in relation to you.

You will need to travel to their clinic at least two times, for things such as medical screening and embryo transfer. You may be able to attend monitoring appointments at a clinic closer to you, if the IVF doctor allows.

.✈️ None of the parents our agencies work with have clinics internationally (except for a rare view with embryos in Canada) but in most cases, all travel will be domestic

💸 All costs associated with travel will be paid for by the intended parents, including airfare, hotel, ride service, and meals!

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Surrogacy is a remarkable journey that transcends boundaries of faith and embraces the values of love, compassion, and selflessness.💕 Many religions support surrogacy as a means to fulfill the deeply cherished desire of parenthood. It’s a testament to the inclusive and accepting nature of faith.

When it comes to surrogacy, it’s important to listen to your heart and your God. Let go of judgment and embrace understanding, empathy, and acceptance. Each individual’s path may be unique, but what remains constant is the power of love and the desire to create families.

So, let your faith guide you and remind you of the profound teachings of compassion and kindness. Celebrate the diversity of families and the miracles that surrogacy brings. Together, let’s support and uplift one another, as we listen to our hearts and our God on this extraordinary journey of love and hope. ❤️🌈

#SurrogacyAndFaith #EmbracingDiversity #ListeningToYourHeart #LoveAndCompassion #SurrogacyMiracles #SurrogacyIS

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👶👩‍⚕️ Happy National Neonatal Nurses Day! 👶👩‍⚕️
Today, we shine a spotlight on the incredible neonatal nurses who bring hope and healing to our tiniest warriors. Your dedication to caring for premature and ill newborns is nothing short of extraordinary. Through your expertise, compassion, and unwavering support, you create a lifeline for fragile lives and their families.

In the NICU, your hands are a source of comfort, your knowledge a beacon of guidance, and your care a testament to love`s power. Your tireless efforts make a world of difference in the journey of these precious infants and their families.

On this special day, we honor you – the neonatal nurses who provide a lifeline to the smallest of patients. Your commitment, resilience, and nurturing touch light up the path to health and hope. Thank you for your incredible work, your boundless compassion, and your remarkable impact. Happy National Neonatal Nurses Day! 🌟👶🏥❤️

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Within your surrogacy journey lies a carefully orchestrated legal process, ensuring a sturdy foundation for the dreams of both intended parents and surrogate. 💫

If you don’t have an attorney on stand by (like most of us) don’t worry, your agency will give you a list of possible attorneys that can help you review your contract for the journey. Furthermore, the attorney will not come at a cost to the surrogate, as this is already taken care of between IPs and agency. 💼

When it comes time to jump into legal clearance make sure you ask questions and have a full understanding of your surrogacy contracts. Your attorney is there to walk you through the entire contract and answer any questions you may have. 🤝

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A reminder to check in on one another, share support, and promote mental well-being. Let`s create a world where asking "Are you OK?" makes a positive difference. 💚 #AreYouOKDay #surrogacyis ...

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Let’s talk about what’s important to you when choosing the family you want to support as a surrogate. Your preferences matter, whether you desire a close relationship or more freedom during the journey. Understanding what truly matters to you is key. Are there specific things you’re willing to do or not do during pregnancy? These details hold significance when selecting the perfect family.

✨ Now, it’s time to identify what resonates with you and find intended parents who are on the same page. Your agency will be there to help you navigate this process and ensure your values align with those of the prospective parents. Remember, part of this journey is about finding the right match, where both parties share a deep connection and understanding. Your preferences matter, and we’re here to support you in finding the perfect fit. Let’s make this surrogacy experience truly remarkable for you and the intended parents! 🌟

#ChoosingTheRightFamily #SurrogacyPreferences #SharedValues #RemarkableJourney #SurrogacyIs

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Surrogacy is truly heartwarming and life-changing! Whether you`ve experienced it firsthand or you`re just curious, surrogacy is an incredible journey that`s packed with emotions, challenges, and beautiful outcomes. ✨

👶 Making Parenthood Dreams Come True: Imagine not being able to carry a pregnancy yourself, but still being able to become a parent. That`s the magic of surrogacy! For those who thought their dreams of holding their own little one were impossible, surrogacy can turn those dreams into reality.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Creating Unique Families: Families come in all shapes and sizes, and surrogacy makes it even more special. Whether you`re a same-sex couple, a single parent, or anyone facing fertility challenges, surrogacy opens up a world of possibilities to create a family that`s just right for you. It`s like designing your own storybook!

💪 Empowering Surrogate Superheroes: Can we take a moment to salute the amazing women who step up to be surrogates? These incredible souls carry the hopes and dreams of others, and that`s a superpower on its own! The feeling of helping someone else experience the joy of parenthood is beyond words.

📖 Stories That Inspire: Oh, the stories that come out of surrogacy journeys! They inspire us to think outside the box, embrace diversity, and celebrate the unique paths we take to become parents. These tales become a part of our legacy, reminding us of the love that brought us together.

🌟 A Legacy of Love: The gift of surrogacy isn`t just about bringing a new life into the world. It`s about creating a legacy of love, sacrifice, and boundless joy. Children born through surrogacy grow up knowing they`re cherished beyond measure.

So, there you have it, moms! Surrogacy isn`t just about babies; it`s about creating families, fostering connections, and embracing the beauty of unconventional journeys. Whether you`ve embarked on this path or are simply intrigued, surrogacy is a real-life fairytale that proves love truly knows no bounds. 🌹✨

#SurrogacyIs #surrogacyIsLove #SurrogateLife #Surrogatelegacy #Surrogacy #surrogatesuperheros

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Let’s address the misconceptions and shed light on the worth and value of surrogacy compensation. Surrogates make incredible sacrifices and dedicate their time, energy, and love to help create families. 💖 The compensation they receive is a testament to the immeasurable value they bring to the surrogacy journey.

🌈 Not only are they helping other families fulfill their dreams of having children, but they are also helping their own families thrive. As Alyssa wisely put it, “it’s a win-win situation for everyone!”

🙌 It’s time to show appreciation and support for the deserving surrogates who make dreams come true. Let’s celebrate their amazing contribution! 🎉

#SurrogacyIs #surrogacyIsLove #SurrogateLife #SurrogateSupport #Surrogacy

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"However motherhood comes to you, it's a miracle."

-Valerie Harper

Sunshine breaks down

surrogacy myths

and misconceptions

Will the parents try to control my life?

Will I get attached to the baby?

That's a lot of $! What's the catch?

Sunshine explains

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"However motherhood comes to you, it's a miracle."

-Valerie Harper

What's it like to

be a surrogate?

Sunshine details her first surrogacy experience…

We're looking for unicorns like you...

You may not realize it, but your body’s ability to create a healthy baby AND bring it into the world isn’t just amazing — it’s rare.

You may not have felt special as you struggled to see your feet and you stopped fitting into your bras, but we promise: you really are so, so freaking special.

And we need moms just like you to bring joy to a family in the making and to your family as well.

Sunshine details her first surrogacy experience…

If you can carry a pregnancy...

...there are couples who need you.

So many people struggle with infertility and carrying healthy babies to term. For some, carrying a baby comes easily, but for many, the tireless effort to achieve pregnancy results in deep heartache and suffering.

Whether it’s because their bodies don’t allow them to conceive, they continually miscarry, or they’re gay or single fathers who just can’t do it on their own… the battle to create a family can be hard fought and devastating.

Pregnancy can be hard, but for a lot of people, it’s downright impossible.

You need to know, mama:

That’s why surrogacy agencies are so crazy about talking to you: your ability to make tiny humans is not something they see every day.

And if you could do it again for a couple in need, you could bring your family a life-changing amount of money.

let's meet...

Sunshine & Shelly

They’ve each been surrogates 3 times…

…and they’re going to walk you through the initial process to make sure your journey is a success. 

Shelly is creative, ambitious, and next-level kind. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing at FIDM by 19, before becoming a mom and has had a thriving career in the fertility space. Her huge heart and advocacy for gay parents led her to become a surrogate for two sets of dads, a couple in Norway and another couple in LA. 

Sunshine is fiercely independent, pragmatic and resourceful. As a teen mom, she earned her Bachelor’s degree in English Education from CSULB and went on to teach High School English, empowering students who needed to feel seen and heard by teaching them the art of written expression. 

It was Shelly’s example that inspired Sunshine to go out on a limb and try something as “crazy” as surrogacy and it absolutely changed her life for the better. 

Shelly and Sunshine have helped to bring seven babies into the world, completing four families, across three continents, not including their own!

Now they are using their voices to advocate for and support women in realizing their dreams of creating the most beautiful life they can for their families.

We'll connect you with the

right agency

A surrogacy agency is an organization that matches surrogates with hopeful intended parents who want to have a baby. They screen potential surrogates and parents and  guide them through the entire process, including handling the disbursement of funds to you, and providing support until a short while after delivery.

The agency is responsible for communicating between attorneys, doctors, psychologists and other parties to make sure everyone is in the loop at all times. There are so many parties involved in the delicate emotional, legal and financial process and agency oversight is a must. They make sure all medical bills are taken care of by the trust and escrow so that nothing remains on the surrogates shoulders after delivery.

But, not all surrogacy agencies are created equal.

Some agencies have a better understanding of the process, a better network of professionals, and bigger heart for the surrogates and parents they serve.

That’s where we come in.

Our founders have been surrogates 3 times each, and both have worked closely with various agencies throughout their careers. Sunshine & Shelly know what it’s like to be in your position both as novice first time surrogates and with more experience.

Just take a short quiz to see if you qualify, and we can connect you with the most ethical and trusted agencies that best fit what you’re looking for. We’ll also provide additional resources as you go through the process of helping another family’s dream come true, while significantly brightening the future of your own.

And the best part is…

Our help will never cost you a thing.

Meet our founder...

Sunshine Hanson

She’s been a surrogate three times…

…and she’s going to walk you through the initial process to make sure your journey is a success. 

Sunshine is fiercely independent, pragmatic and resourceful. As a teen mom, she earned her Bachelor’s degree in English Education from CSULB and went on to teach High School English, empowering students who needed to feel seen and heard by teaching them the art of written expression. 

It was the example of a friend that inspired Sunshine to go out on a limb and try something as “crazy” as surrogacy and it absolutely changed her life for the better. 

Sunshine has helped to bring four babies into the world, completing two families, across two continents, not including her own!

Now she is using her passion and experience to advocate for and support women in realizing their dreams of creating the most beautiful life they can for their families while making a difference in the lives of others.