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How do I decide who to help?

How do I decide who to help?

One of the most exciting parts of the surrogacy process is matching with intended parents. The “perfect match” depends on a few really important factors, and a handful of minor ones. After all, you’re about to embark on one of life’s most incredible journeys!

Surrogates are asked questions to help determine the best possible match. Surrogate matching criteria includes her preferences on:

  • Level of communication during the journey
  • Location of the intended parents (in the U.S. or international)
  • Number of embryos to transfer
  • Views on selective reduction and termination

Based on how you answered the questions above and the ones in your screening and psychological evaluation — is how the agency will decide what intended parent profiles to send you. Read the profiles carefully… look at the photos (sometimes a video is even included – BONUS!) – how does the couple make you feel? Did your heart jump? Did you get butterflies? Or, maybe you felt uninspired – THAT’S OK!

There is the perfect couple out there for you, and the perfect surrogate out there for ALL the intended parents that are dreaming of a baby! Trust your gut, but take your brain with you!

Once you find that profile that makes you say without a doubt “that’s the one!”; then the agency will share your profile with the couple and if both parties are interested the agency will share contact information with both sides and typically a skype or phone call are scheduled!

Jacqueline is joined by Sunshine Hanson and Casey Bojorquez who founded Surrogacy Is, a first-of-its-kind surrogacy advocacy platform that supports the incredible women who step up to the calling of helping parents in need create a family. As the agency has grown and evolved over the last few years, they now also support intended parents in finding a surrogate match as well.

Take a listen to hear a first hand perspective from two experienced surrogates as well as the latest from Jacqueline’s surrogacy journey.

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