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Wait….are you SURE I’m not related to this baby?

Wait….are you SURE I’m not related to this baby?

As a gestational surrogate, you are acting as the “host womb” – which is why we call our surrogate babes “womb-mates!”

The IVF doctor will create the embryo’s in a very sophisticated lab with the egg of the intended mother or egg donor and the sperm from the intended father/fathers to create an embryo that will be implanted into your uterus.

You are not supplying the eggs, just the oven – to help this baby grow!

Why do couples from all over the world come to the U.S. for surrogates?

International intended parents have many options available to them but none quite like the United States.

Thanks to state-specific surrogacy laws, the United States has many locations where intended parents of all nationalities can safely pursue a surrogacy process that protects not only their rights but also the rights of the surrogate that they work with.

The questions of parentage, medical practices and safety that may concern international intended parents in any other country are non-starters in the U.S. Many international surrogacies have been completed in the United States — and continue to be completed today.