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Surrogacy Is… mentioned on Yahoo! Life

Surrogacy Is… mentioned on Yahoo! Life

Yahoo Life’s article titled, “From IVF to surrogacy, these women became moms through assisted conception. Here’s how they talked to their kids about it.” covers an often asked question about surrogacy: “How do I explain surrogacy to my kids?” We have lots of videos about that very topic here.

In this article, an expert explains why parents should be open about their fertility journey, plus some feedback from others who have been or had a surrogate, and how they explained this to their children. It’s a great piece that really makes some important points, and illustrates such an important part of surrogacy. Read the article below.

Jacqueline is joined by Sunshine Hanson and Casey Bojorquez who founded Surrogacy Is, a first-of-its-kind surrogacy advocacy platform that supports the incredible women who step up to the calling of helping parents in need create a family. As the agency has grown and evolved over the last few years, they now also support intended parents in finding a surrogate match as well.

Take a listen to hear a first hand perspective from two experienced surrogates as well as the latest from Jacqueline’s surrogacy journey.

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