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Surrogacy Is… on I Want To Put A Baby In You podcast.

Surrogacy Is… on I Want To Put A Baby In You podcast.

From the podcast:

Listen as Casey and Sunshine discuss with Ellen and Jenn:
• Sunshine’s life changing experience with surrogacy.
• Casey starting her surrogacy journey searching for agencies and seeing some red flags, but ultimately finding the perfect agency and couple.
• Sunshine and Casey finding that surrogates need more support than is often provided.
• Supporting both surrogates and individuals that were not able to become surrogates.
• Finding a mismatch at times with medical record and what a surrogate has knowledge of in her own medical history.
• The expansion of Surrogacy Is from a matching service into an agency.
• Recommendations for finding the right team along your surrogacy journey to have all of your needs met.

Jacqueline is joined by Sunshine Hanson and Casey Bojorquez who founded Surrogacy Is, a first-of-its-kind surrogacy advocacy platform that supports the incredible women who step up to the calling of helping parents in need create a family. As the agency has grown and evolved over the last few years, they now also support intended parents in finding a surrogate match as well.

Take a listen to hear a first hand perspective from two experienced surrogates as well as the latest from Jacqueline’s surrogacy journey.

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