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Casey Bojorquez: VoyageLA Interview

Casey Bojorquez: VoyageLA Interview

Casey featured in VoyageLA.
Excerpt from the article:

“As an advocacy firm, Surrogacy Is was created as a resource to truly advocate for and support surrogates—every step of the way. Aside from offering free surrogacy consultation and agency matching services, ‘Surrogacy Is’ helps its clientele navigate compensation, avoid misleading or harmful agencies, and provide free coaching through webinars, online groups, and one-on-one calls whenever needed – all 100% free. Since its inception, Surrogacy Is has helped over 1,300 surrogates feel well-prepared, well-informed, and well-supported. Now, we partner with trusted agencies that echo our values. Our mission is to transform the surrogacy journey for all involved, arming surrogates with the knowledge they need to make informed choices.” 


Jacqueline is joined by Sunshine Hanson and Casey Bojorquez who founded Surrogacy Is, a first-of-its-kind surrogacy advocacy platform that supports the incredible women who step up to the calling of helping parents in need create a family. As the agency has grown and evolved over the last few years, they now also support intended parents in finding a surrogate match as well.

Take a listen to hear a first hand perspective from two experienced surrogates as well as the latest from Jacqueline’s surrogacy journey.

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