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How do I explain surrogacy to my children?

How do I explain surrogacy to my children?

Most surrogates have completed their own family before beginning the surrogacy process, and are currently raising their children at home — which means that, sooner or later, you will need to talk with them about your surrogacy plans… Surrogacy is a complicated concept, even for many adults to understand, and it can be difficult to know when and how to talk to your children about surrogacy. There are a wide variety of surrogacy books from the surrogates prospective you can read to your children: from kangaroo pouches to broken crayons.. But our advice is to be as honest as you can in an age appropriate way.

When you match with intended parent(s) tell your children about them, share their story, show them photos

Let your kids pick some photos to send to the intended parents.

Engage your children in the parts of the process you deem appropriate – so they also build the same admiration for families as YOU have.

The world is changing and surrogate children and the children of surrogates are changing the world – inspire them by your choice!

It’s been my experience in my own journeys, and I’ve witnessed this to be true for others as well that children are much more readily accepting of the process and completely grasp the concept much more quickly than most adults do.

They are often proud to be able to see their mommy help another family get made and really grateful that they aren’t going to have to share their mommy (or their room!) with a newcomer.