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Why are the compensation numbers so different from what’s advertised?

Why are the compensation numbers so different from what’s advertised?

You are a very important part of a life-changing process, and it is important that you are fully compensated for your effort and expenses in this remarkable role. Surrogate compensation varies based on first time or experienced surrogate fee, singleton versus multiple pregnancy, the location of the surrogate, her employment status, does the surrogate have insurance that covers surrogate pregnancies, and if the surrogate has kids, will childcare be an issue later? Among a few factors…

Agencies are competing to attract the most qualified surrogate mothers to their programs to help the intended parents they serve.

Unfortunately, this has led to a trend in advertising higher than average compensation that first time surrogates won’t actually qualify for.

Rather than comparing agencies by the numbers, we encourage you to consider the more important factors that make an agency the right or wrong fit for your journey.

The compensation offered between various agencies is ultimately similar, regardless of what is advertised and is based on the same factors outlined above.

Jacqueline is joined by Sunshine Hanson and Casey Bojorquez who founded Surrogacy Is, a first-of-its-kind surrogacy advocacy platform that supports the incredible women who step up to the calling of helping parents in need create a family. As the agency has grown and evolved over the last few years, they now also support intended parents in finding a surrogate match as well.

Take a listen to hear a first hand perspective from two experienced surrogates as well as the latest from Jacqueline’s surrogacy journey.

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