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We understand...

every surrogate is unique.

The journey of surrogacy is an amazing, life-changing experience.

Moms get to help another family get started while bringing herself the opportunity do the things she’s always dreamed of for her own family.

Your ability to bring tiny humans into the world is not something just any woman can do.

And if you could do it again for a couple in need, you could make a life-changing amount of money.

Whether it allows you a little extra time to stay home while the kids are still little, take a family vacation that otherwise would never fit the budget, put the kids in private school, buy a home, or upgrade your existing home, the compensation can benefit your entire family. It’s truly a unique experience very few moms can be a part of.

It’s our goal to connect amazing moms with the right surrogacy agencies to create the most magical journey imaginable.

We believe with all our hearts that surrogacy is family, sisterhood, strength. Surrogacy is… Love.

"There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others."

-Mandy Hale

A smooth journey requires the

right professionals

A good surrogacy agency matches surrogates with hopeful people who want to have a baby. They thoroughly screen potential surrogates and parents and  guide them through the entire process, including timely disbursement of funds to the surrogate, and providing support until a short while after delivery.

But, not all surrogacy agencies are created equal.

There are so many parties involved in the delicate emotional, legal and financial process and agency oversight is a must.

The right agency will make sure all medical bills are taken care of by the trust and escrow so that nothing remains on the surrogate’s shoulders after delivery.

The agency you choose will be responsible for communicating between attorneys, doctors, psychologists and others to make sure everyone is in the loop at all times so you don’t have to balance all the details.

Many fly-by-night agencies, more focused on collecting their fees than they are on helping people, are competing for the same pool of potential surrogates.

Women who fall for their alluring ads and false promises of high compensation can end up having to fend for themselves after matching.

That's where we come in.

Our founders have been surrogates 2 and 3 times each, and have worked closely with dozens of agencies throughout their careers.

Sunshine & Casey know what it’s like to be in your position both as novice first time surrogates and with more experience. 

A referral from us SAVES you dozens of HOURS and potential heartache.

Our short quiz will make sure you meet the deal-breaker requirements for any reputable agency, and it will also tell us which agencies you will qualify for and which ones you won’t.

While the basic guidelines are the same across the board, every agency is looking for certain types of candidates to match with their intended parents, and some have stricter BMI or Lifestyle requirements than others.

Your time is valuable and so are YOU!

And the best part is..

...our help will never cost you a thing.

"However motherhood comes to you, it's a miracle."

-Valerie Harper

So... what's it like to

be a surrogate?

Sunshine details her first surrogacy experience…

We're looking for unicorns like you...

You may not realize it, but your body’s ability to create a healthy baby AND bring it into the world isn’t just amazing — it’s rare.

You may not have felt special as you struggled to see your feet and you stopped fitting into your bras, but we promise: you really are so, so freaking special.

And we need moms just like you to bring joy to a family in the making and to your family as well.

Sunshine details her first surrogacy experience…

If you grow babies...

There are couples who need you.

So many people struggle with infertility and carrying healthy babies to term. For some, carrying a baby comes easily, but for many, the tireless effort to achieve pregnancy results in deep heartache and suffering.

Whether it’s because their bodies don’t allow them to conceive, they continually miscarry, or they’re gay or single fathers who just can’t do it on their own… the battle to create a family can be hard fought and devastating.

Pregnancy can be hard, but for a lot of people, it’s downright impossible.

You need to know, mama:

That’s why surrogacy agencies are so crazy about talking to you: your ability to make tiny humans with ease is not something they see every day.

And if you could do it again for a couple in need, you could make a life-changing amount of money.

Meet our founder...

Sunshine Hanson

She’s been a surrogate three times…

…and she’s going to walk you through the initial process to make sure your journey is a success. 

Sunshine is fiercely independent, pragmatic and resourceful. As a teen mom, she earned her Bachelor’s degree in English Education from CSULB and went on to teach High School English, empowering students who needed to feel seen and heard by teaching them the art of written expression.

It was the example of a friend that inspired Sunshine to go out on a limb and try something as “crazy” as surrogacy and it absolutely changed her life for the better.

Sunshine has helped to bring four babies into the world, completing two families, across two continents, not including her own!

Now she is using her passion and experience to advocate for and support women in realizing their dreams of creating the most beautiful life they can for their families.

"They say it takes a village to raise a child. Sometimes it takes a village to have a child.

-Sara Walsh

What do we do differently at Surrogacy Is. . . ❤️?

Well, for one, our founders have been surrogates themselves, so they not only can walk you through the ENTIRE process, but they genuinely try to get to know every single surrogate candidate and help them through the process.

Becoming a surrogate isn’t an easy decision. . . and the journey isn’t something you should feel alone in! Like Britney said, we are here for you every step of the way!

Ready to start your journey?!
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Surrogate Question: “Am I related to the baby?” 🤔

Nope! You’re what our founder, Sunshine, calls a ‘womb-mate!’ (How cute is this?!) As a surrogate, you are not providing the eggs. . . you’re just giving that baby the safe space, the temporary home, or the ‘oven’ to grow in.

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“How would you describe surrogacy?” ❤️
We LOVE this description by surrogate Lael — ‘The Ultimate Babysitter.’
As a surrogate, you get to feed, love, and help this little baby grow. . . and then you give him/her right back to the parents! How special is this?!

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Did you know that having a successful pregnancy is one of the qualifications for becoming a surrogate?! 💗

In this clip, La’Phadra shares how she first heard of surrogacy and what made her decide to take the leap!

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It is SO HARD to see comments like these on our videos and do the smart thing which is to block and delete. We get such a variety of often ignorant comments on our public posts because the majority of people out there still do not understand and are not at all familiar with what surrogacy is… that’s the whole reason we even started our organization!

I always approach my responses with empathy, gentleness and patience because everyone deserves that but in our years of doing this I’ve come to recognize when someone’s going to be so set in their ways that facts and reality will not sway them. This is one such comment.

I have blocked and deleted this sad person, but I’m sharing it here because…I don’t know… I just love surrogacy and I know that the people in my circle get it and many of you can relate.

The woman she’s talking about in the video is me. And it’s true. I adopted my daughter through the foster care system and in the first 6 months, before the system catches up, it is expensive and hard to do so.

We had to move houses to make room for her. We had to put her in an amazing private Montessori school so we could continue to work and she could thrive and catch up on what she’d missed in her early life (and as empty nesters that price tag was a huge shock to the budget!!)

The savings I had from my surrogacy journey and Kyle selling his IT company were the only reason we were able to do all those things and give her the best life.

It is HARD to exercise patience with someone who literally believes I sold MY baby in exchange to get a child out of foster care. But I have to remember that not everyone has the same perspective I have.

And in this moment I don’t have the patience. So block and delete, and all of your support is enough for me today. will keep on fighting the good fight.

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“Would I do surrogacy again?” ABSOLUTELY. 💗

Hear it from the mouths of our surrogates themselves — being a surrogate is one of the most rewarding and incredible experiences — for both the surros and the IP’s they are helping.

Are you ready to become a surrogate & change lives?!

Click the link in our bio, take our 8-minute quiz, and see if you qualify to become a surrogate❤️

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