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“I don’t think I could give up the baby…”

“I don’t think I could give up the baby…”

At first glance, it would seem obvious that a surrogate would get attached to the child, right?! After all, she’s carrying a baby for months and will eventually give birth – an incredibly emotional process.

But for a surrogate, that doesn’t take away from the ultimate purpose of her journey – to make someone a MOM a DAD… to help create a family that wouldn’t be possible without her grace, kindness and BRAVERY!

As a surrogate, you go into the process with eyes wide open to the fact that the child you are carrying is not your own.

There is not that sense of yearning you have when you’re carrying your own child, wondering if it will have your eyes or your husband’s nose, or your grandpa’s curly hair…you’re not imagining all of the big moment’s the way you do with your own sweet babies.

The moments you countdown to in a surrogate pregnancy are the moments you will get to see this child united with her parents, and grandparents, and the rest of her family who anxiously await her arrival.

You go into the pregnancy in a very non-romantic, science based way, and you know that this kid’s parents loved her before she was ever conceived, and fought so hard to make her life a reality.

It’s almost a literal passing of the baton, and the sense of completion is profound. Then you get to go home and go to sleep and get back to your life, and focus on your own health and fitness which you probably couldn’t do after your own pregnancies.