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Surrogacy Compensation & Benefits

How & When Do Surrogates Get Paid?

Typical compensation ranges from $40,000 – $75,000, based on several factors.

Once a candidate has gone through a thorough pre-screening process to make sure that surrogacy is SAFE for her, she’s ready to match with intended parents!

Surrogates set their preferences and match with like-minded intended parents.

All expenses are paid for the surrogate to meet with the parents’ IVF doctor for an in-person medical evaluation. If travel is required, those expenses are paid for as well as a per diem for meals and expenses.

Once medical clearance has been issued by the physician, the surrogate and intended parents will agree on terms in a legal contract. The surrogate will have her own counsel to review her legal contract, and the expenses for the surrogate’s attorney are paid for by the intended parents.

*Compensation and Benefit Packages typically start at Legal Clearance.

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Before Surrogate Pregnancy Benefits & Compensation Can Include:

During Surrogate Pregnancy Benefits & Compensation

Post-partum Benefits & Compensation for Surrogates

As-Needed Compensation & Benefits for Surrogates

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