How do we choose

our agency partners?

For an agency to be worthy of supporting surrogates on their journeys, we have set a pretty high bar…


Experienced Surrogate

Our agency partners

are very special...

Surrogacy agencies are companies who are paid by intended parents to help them find the right surrogate, take her through the screening process, and manage the surrogacy journey all the way to a successful outcome: a happy, healthy baby for them to love.

With that being an agency’s first priority, it’s easy for some to forget that the whole process hinges on the generosity and sacrifice of the surrogate!

Without the surrogate, there is no journey at all.

Finding the right surrogacy agency is as important (if not more!) than finding the right intended parents to help.

That’s why we’re very picky about the agencies we partner with. 

Did you know that we accept less than 30% of the agencies that apply to join our network? It’s true!

There are plenty of agencies that are fine, or even good… but we set a really high bar.

If we wouldn’t recommend an agency to our friends or family, we wouldn’t refer you there, either.

What's our criteria for the

best surrogacy agencies?

We have a list of criteria an agency must meet in order to be considered for our program, but we also go beyond that. One of our main criteria is based on our instincts too.

Maybe they check all the boxes on paper, but their attitude toward surrogates makes us uncomfortable working with them.

It may be surprising that we’re so picky, but it’s really what makes us unique in this industry, too.

We can’t be swayed to lower our standards because an agency is large or has a big reputation, or deep pockets.

We’ve built our company specifically so that our sole reason for working with an agency is that their philosophy about surrogates is the same as ours, and they offer a safe and rewarding experience to every surrogate they support.

That also means not having a big ego, and being open to constructive feedback on how to improve the surrogate’s experience when we see areas to improve! 

Surrogate Advocacy is in our DNA. And it should come naturally to our agency partners, too.

You can see our list of criteria on the right…

(and P.S. if you’re not sure what most of this  means, know that as experienced surrogates and industry professionals, we do!)

To partner with Surrogacy Is… Agencies must meet the following criteria:

Allows the surrogate to set matching expectations, and honors her wishes with respect to matching.

Benefit package is thoughtful, considerate, and fair to the surrogate.

Communicates early and often, keeping the surrogate in the loop throughout the journey, including the screening process.

3rd party escrow account (not in-house) is fully funded prior to start of medications, and at all times throughout the journey.

Ownership is clear and transparent.

Allows the surrogate to set matching expectations, and honors her wishes with respect to matching.

(it’s also super important to know, we’re not trying to create Divas here, just helping surrogates be considered fairly ❤️)

How do I find the best surrogacy agency?

There are a couple of ways you could go about finding your agency…

You could do a Google search for “best surrogacy agency,” but you’ll likely get surrogacy agencies that are good at gaming Google search results for the search term “best surrogacy agency,” which won’t actually help you at all….

You can search Yelp or a reviews site, but you’ll likely find agencies who send review links to only the surrogates that are happy with their journey, and often review sites give an inaccurate picture of how people really feel.

You could go to surrogacy review groups on Facebook, but when they’re not full of “mean girls” making you feel dumb for asking legitimate questions, they’re recommending their friends, who also happen to admin the group. That’s not going to help you, either.

If you’ve already tried this, you know exactly what we’re talking about. If you haven’t, save yourself the trouble!

Sunshine talks about finding the right agency.

Learn how we help you choose from the best surrogacy agencies… as always, 100% free.

Ok then… so how do I find the best surrogacy agency?

That’s literally what we do, and why we started Surrogacy Is…❤️

We made it our mission to create a group that finds the best agencies, holds them to an even higher standard, and have them compete to become your agency.

This process requires them to put their best foot forward, and they’re encouraged to treat you fairly and hold up their end of the bargain to continue to be a Surrogacy Is agency. It’s that simple.

While the main goal of surrogacy is to help intended parents achieve their dreams, your dreams should be considered, too.

We help to ensure that they are.

You will chat with a Surrogate Advocate at Surrogacy Is… set your expectations and desires, and we will shop your profile to reputable agencies that meet your criteria and let us review those options with you, with absolutely zero pressure!

Why are agency standards

so freaking important?

We hear all the time, “I wish there was a Surrogacy Is during my first surrogacy journey!” 

You don’t know what you don’t know about surrogacy, and it’s a BIG process, with so many opportunities for things to go sideways, especially if you’re trusting an agency that doesn’t truly have your best interest at heart.

Protecting your best interest is our ONLY job. To educate you about what’s important, connect you with great agencies, and keep everyone accountable.

But we’re also here to support you, celebrate you, and if you don’t know everything there is to know about surrogacy, that’s okay!

We have your back, always!

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