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Why are we the best agency for intended parents?

We have the best surrogate recruiting platform in the industry.

For the last 3 years, Surrogacy Is has been inspiring the most amazing moms to become surrogates, helping them find their perfect agency, and supporting them along their surrogacy journey, at no cost to them.

That’s how we’ve helped 1,250 surrogate candidates start their surrogacy journey in the last 18 months.

In our search to find the “perfect agency” for the amazing moms who choose to become surrogates, we’ve learned so much. We’ve learned how some of the most solid and supportive agencies thrive, and we’ve learned where many break down.

And in this search, we’ve realized something… to find our ideal agency, we need to create it ourselves. So that’s what we did!

Chelsea, experienced s
Chelsea, Experienced Surrogate

Why do parents

choose us first?

ZERO waitlist for Intended Parents & a 90-Day Match Guarantee.

80+ Surrogate Candidates Ready for Intake & Match Each Month

Low Caseloads for our Coordinators means more attention to your case.

Included Mental Health Support for both IPs & Surrogates.

Kay, Experienced Surrogate

How do we offer a

90-day match?

Sam, Experienced Surrogate

The sheer number of amazing moms who choose us make it possible to find your match in record time.

From the moment you sign on with us, we promise to find your match in 90-days or less!
And anybody who knows us, knows we take our promises very seriously.
Fully-supported & thoroughly screened surrogate candidates.

By the time you see a surrogate profile, she’s completed the following pre-screening, all of which are included in our agency fee:

Full Profile Review with Agency Director
Collection and Preliminary Review of all Prenatal and Delivery Records
OB Clearance
Virtual Home Visit
Insurance Review with ART Risk
Criminal Background Check for Surrogate and all Adults in the Home
Psychological Evaluation and Clearance

Our Agency Includes:

An Inclusive Package for Intended Parents

Fast match times, fully-supported candidates, and an agency model designed for successful outcomes.

Immediate matching with a pre-screened surrogate candidate

Surrogate Screenings Include:

  • Virtual Home Visit
  • Psychological Evaluation & Clearance
  • Criminal Background Check for All Adults in the Home
  • ART Risk Insurance Review (as applicable)

Initial IP Consultation with Mental Health Professional

3 IP MHP Support Sessions at:

  • legal clearance

  • 18-20 weeks of pregnancy

  • 34-36 weeks in preparation for birth.
Monthly MHP Check-Ins w/ Surrogate Starting At Legal Clearance w/ 3 Addt’l Postpartum Sessions

Agency Package (cont'd)

Megan, Experienced Surrogate
Term Life Insurance Policy for Surrogate ($750k Minimum)
A Dedicated Journey Coordinator and Access to Agency Director for 24-Hour Support to Intended Parents and Surrogate Throughout the Journey.
(Journey Coordinators have a minimum of 5 Years experience)

Gifts From the Agency to your Surrogate at Key Milestones, Holidays, and After Delivery

Referrals & Coordination w/ Intended Parent & Surrogate Attorneys

Coordination w/ IVF Clinic & Mental Health Professionals

Coordination of Travel Arrangements for Medical Screening, Embryo Transfer, etc. *Intended Parents responsible for actual travel expenses

Coordination w/ Attorneys & Hospital to Ensure Birth Orders are in Place & On Hand On Delivery Day

Surrogacy Timeline

Brittany, Experienced Surrogate

Meet & Greet

The first step in our process is to meet with us and share your expectations for the journey. This is a time to get to know one another and make sure our process will be in alignment with your goals! We will take note of your dealbreaker requirements and matching preferences to help us search for your ideal match.

Build Your Profile

We will help you create a profile that shows potential
surrogates who you are and highlights all of the reasons why any woman would be excited and motivated to help you bring your baby into the world.

We will help you define your matching preferences, communication style, and expectations for the pregnancy, delivery, and beyond. 

In order to increase your matching options, we may help you create a short video to share with potential surrogates that truly highlights who you are!

Alexis, Experienced Surrogate
Katelyn, Experienced Surrogate

Match With Your Surrogate*

We spend a lot of time getting to know the gestational
carriers who enter into our screening process and will use our knowledge of your clinics requirements and her matching preferences and communication style to suggest matches that are most aligned. 

We will share a GC and IP profile simultaneously, and ask that you let us know within 24 hours if you are interested in meeting her for a match call. If both parties agree to meet based on profile, records will be sent to IVF doctor and match meeting scheduled.

*In the event that your surrogate does not pass medical screening or legal clearance, you will be rematched at no additional charge.

Complete IP Screening

Once a match is official, escrow will be funded with $10,000 to cover screening costs, travel and other incidentals. 

Consult with a Mental Health Professional (MHP) must be scheduled unless it is completed through your IVF clinic.

MHP can provide guidance and tools to help you in this
delicate process! IPs also consent to a criminal Background Check. The first installment of 50% of agency fee is also due at this time.

Kay, Experienced Surrogate
Ashley, 4th Surrogacy Journey

Medical Screening

We will arrange travel for your surrogate to meet in person with your RE for an depth medical screening appointment. 

GC and her partner will both be screened to make sure it’s safe for them to proceed with surrogacy, and both are free of untreated STDs and other diseases. Both GC and her partner will also be tested for drugs and nicotine. Some surrogates are confident to attend this appointment alone, but others may feel best with a companion.

Legal Contracts

You will work with your selected attorney to draft your
Gestational Carrier Agreement. 

Your surrogate will review the draft with her attorney and both parties may request changes prior to finalizing contracts. 

The final installment of the remaining 50% of our agency fee is due once legal clearance is confirmed and a trust account is required to be fully funded with GC’s full compensation, plus $25,000 to cover contractual expenses and incidentals, and insurance premiums for 12 months. This step must be completed no later than 7 days from time of execution of agreement, and GC cannot start meds until this step is complete.

Andrea, 2nd Surrogacy Journey
Kelsey, Experienced Surrogate

IVF Cycle & Embryo Transfer

Once medical and legal clearance are complete, RE will issue cycle calendar and schedule embryo transfer. We will arrange travel and help the surrogate to order her medications from the pharmacy. We will ensure she is up to speed with the clinics protocol and arrange additional support if needed.

Pregnancy & Prenatal Care

Once pregnancy is confirmed, GC will continue medications and monitoring with IVF clinic until the RE releases her to standard OB care. 

We will help to locate an OB that is in network with the surrogate’s insurance policy and is contracted to deliver at a hospital with a level II or higher NICU. 

We will work with you and surrogate, as well as your attorney and hospital social worker to coordinate parentage and birth plan.

Bonie, Experienced Surrogate
La'Phadra, 1st surrogacy journey

Delivery & Postpartum

Once your baby is here, we will help you arrange travel and other support as needed, and help GC with postpartum care, breastmilk pumping and shipping options, and ensure all medical bills are submitted to escrow. 

Escrow will remained funded with a minimum of $10,000 until 1 year postpartum to ensure payment of all hospital and delivery bills.

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It’s simple… we’re different than any other agency. 

And it’s because of that difference, that we have some of the highest surrogate-to-intended parent ratios in the industry.

So, to start… your match times are significantly shorter working with us. 

Maybe matching in 90-days instead of sitting on a waitlist for a year or more might be enough of a reason to choose us, but there’s more than that.

We’ve created a system where our surrogate candidates are more informed, more supported and more excited about their journey. And that creates a smoother journey overall for everyone. 

It’s important to know that, while the primary focus in a surrogacy journey is typically you and your goal to complete your family, it’s important to know that this is your surrogate’s journey as well. Knowing that, we can help your journey become the best journey it can possibly be, again, for everyone.

Surrogacy is generally categorized into two types: gestational surrogacy and traditional surrogacy. In gestational surrogacy, embryos are created by the intended parents via in vitro fertilization and then implanted in a surrogate, who is often referred to as a gestational carrier. This surrogate carries the child or children to term, yet shares no genetic ties with them. This form of surrogacy constitutes the majority of surrogacy agreements today.

On the other hand, traditional surrogacy involves the surrogate becoming pregnant through artificial insemination, thus establishing a genetic link with the child or children she carries for the intended parents. Please note, at Surrogacy Is, we exclusively offer gestational surrogacy services.

Absolutely! At Surrogacy Is, we fully support and work with all kinds of aspiring parents. Whether you are a single individual or a couple, irrespective of sexual orientation, we are here to assist you in your surrogacy journey. Being single does not exclude you from our services; we believe everyone who wishes to become a parent should have the opportunity to do so.
The overall duration of the surrogacy process can vary and largely depends on a range of factors. As a general guideline, intended parents should anticipate about a year and a half from when they engage with our agency until they welcome their child. However, this timeline can be expedited or extended depending on the legal complexities involved and the specifics of the in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment. For instance, if you already have embryos prepared, the process is likely to be quicker.
Surrogacy Is is open to everyone. We provide support to all individuals and couples, no matter what your background or family setup is. If you’re looking to start your journey to parenthood, we’re here to assist.
Oh my gosh, yes! We’ve had the pleasure of assisting many LGBTQIA+ individuals and couples on their journey to becoming parents. We collaborate with legal experts who really know their stuff when it comes to surrogacy law for the LGBTQIA+ community.
Does Surrogacy Is work with heterosexual couples? Absolutely! We’re here for everyone. That includes individuals and couples of all types, including, of course, heterosexual couples. At Surrogacy Is, we believe everyone who wants to start a family should get the help they need.
Choosing to become a parent through surrogacy can be a bit of a rollercoaster, with lots of moving parts like finding the right surrogate, dealing with legal stuff, figuring out costs, building relationships, and ironing out any kinks that pop up. The right agency, like Surrogacy Is, can be your guide, making the whole ride smoother and less stressful.
Every surrogate has to pass our screening process before we match them with any aspiring parents. Additionally, our surrogates go through 2 screening process, initially with our surrogate advocates, then if they choose our agency, another full screening process. Once they get introduced to our intake team, we have a chat about their health and previous pregnancies. Then, we take a look at their medical records to make sure their past pregnancies went smoothly. Lastly, we do a background check.
Before we match you with a surrogate, we’ll talk about what you want in terms of how many embryos to transfer and your thoughts on selective reduction. That way, we make sure your surrogate is on the same page with you about these things, even in cases where the pregnancy results in twins.
Absolutely! At Surrogacy Is, we’re all about being open, honest, and staying connected. We think it’s great to build strong relationships that can last. After all, we’re all on the same team in this journey! That being said, the type of relationship you want will be something you both decide, likely prior to your match. Remember, you and your surrogate are designing your journeys to meet what both of you need. It’s up to you both to determine what you’d both like to get out of this journey, other than the obvious bundle of joy at the end!
Starting your journey with surrogacy starts off with filling our our Intended Parent form at Once that’s complete, a Intended Parent coordinator will connect for a Q&A call, and general consult. It’s a chance for you to tell us your story and why you’re looking at surrogacy to expand your family. We’ll go over how everything works here at Surrogacy Is, what we offer, and answer any questions you might have.

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