Typical Surrogacy


Listed below are the typical requirements to become a surrogate. Note: Each state, clinic, and agency may have specific differences to the info listed below. 


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What are the general requirements for surrogacy?

There are general requirements for surrogates but there are also other requirements that specific agencies look for. Some intended parents have specific needs or requests and these are what agencies try to fulfill.

The requirements listed below are the general requirements. More detailed requirements depend on the agency you end up choosing to support you on the journey.

Determining if you’re qualified can be a frustrating challenge for moms who want to become surrogates because you can end up submitting one application after another only to get rejected because you might not be a good fit for that particular agency, even though you meet the general requirements for another.

The good news is, we’ve solved that problem by matching moms with upstanding, ethical, and experienced surrogacy agencies that are looking for someone just like them. With us, you only fill out one application and we do the hard work of hunting for the perfect agency looking for candidates just like you. We help you find a surrogacy agency that will work with you and provide the highest surrogate compensation.

Typical Surrogacy Requirements