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agency partner.

We’re always looking for great agency partners who are as surrogate-focused as we are. The most successful Surrogacy Is partner is just that… a partner!


Experienced Surrogate

Why become

an agency partner?

We connect 100+ surrogate candidates to our partner agencies every single month. 

We prepare, educate, and guide the amazing mamas who choose to become surrogates through our process. 

We allow surrogates to make an educated and safe choice as to who their agency will be.

A surrogate candidate who chooses your agency above all her other options will be better prepared, more aware of what’s coming next, and ultimately more excited to start her surrogacy journey with YOUR agency!

If you have a long list of hopeful intended parents waiting to be matched, that’s a big deal. 

But for us, it’s more than that. 

Agencies play a key role

in fulfilling dreams

As experienced surrogates AND industry professionals, our founders recognize the important role that agencies play in making sure a journey runs smoothly. 

There is a lot of talk lately about automation and online platforms for matching that purport to eliminate the need for surrogacy agencies—but at Surrogacy Is, we know better.

Great agencies do SO MUCH MORE than matching surrogates and intended parents.

And we recognize that recruiting qualified surrogate candidates can be a huge challenge that takes time and effort away from what great agencies do best—manage the journey!

Agencies who partner with Surrogacy is… experience an influx of substantially more qualified candidates who fit more effortlessly with the culture of your agency, because they’ve chosen you against the others!

Our partner agencies experience the following benefits:

Steadier flow of incoming surrogate candidates who are more prepared and excited to get started.

Reduced pressure on the agencies own intake department thanks to the added support of the Surrogate Advocate to keep things moving forward.

Candidates are pre-qualified and significantly more likely to follow through with less hand-holding from agency.

Candidates are no longer shopping other agency options, because they’ve already done their due diligence and selected YOU!

If there is any friction between the surrogate and the agency, we help to iron it out and bring it to the agency attention for quick resolution!

Surrogacy Is… provides free insight and consultation for partner agencies to improve processes and stay competitive.

We believe all journeys should be

surrogate focused.

We know the ultimate reason for surrogacy is to fulfill a dream of placing a happy, healthy baby into the arms of hopeful intended parents. 

But a surrogacy journey doesn’t just fulfill the dreams of intended parents… it also fulfills the dreams of a surrogate and her family, too.

There’s room for more than one dream to come true, and our philosophy is that a surrogacy journey that puts the surrogate as the top priority will produce a better outcome—for everyone.

Surrogates who feel respected, honored, and valued in the process have an easier time understanding and meeting the expectations of all parties involved in the journey, including the IP’s, the IVF center, and the agency. 

Our partner agencies should always adhere to the following basic standards:

Allow the surrogate to set matching expectations, and honors her wishes with respect to matching.

Benefit package is thoughtful, considerate, and fair to the surrogate.

Communicate early and often, keeping the surrogate in the loop throughout the journey, including the screening process.

Ensure 3rd party escrow account (not in-house) is fully funded prior to start of medications, and at all times throughout the journey.

Ownership is clear and transparent.

Allow the surrogate to set matching expectations, and honors her wishes with respect to matching.

(it’s also super important to know, we’re not trying to create Divas here, just helping surrogates be considered fairly ❤️)

Our Agency Process

Take Our Agency Quiz

Our Agency Quiz is designed to determine if you’d be a great fit to discuss how your agency might fit into our program.

Meet w/ Our Agency Team

Once we interview your agency and determine if we’re a fit, we’ll work on onboarding your agency into our program to be considered as an option for our 100+ surrogate candidates per month!
*Please note, only 32% of agencies that apply w/ us are accepted into our program at this time. 

Your Agency Profile is LIVE!

At this point, you’ll be able to see our surrogate candidates who are “shopping” for an agency. This is your chance to raise your hand for your agency to be considered as an option only for the candidates you’re excited about!

She Chooses YOU!

Once our surrogates review their options and choose your agency, we’ll connect her to your agency and help guide her through your intake process!

Ongoing Support

Once a surrogate is connected to your agency, we don’t stop there. We’ll keep in touch with the surrogate throughout her journey, supporting her when she needs help, all 100% free.

Are we the real deal?

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