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Collaborating with Surrogacy Is has been one of the best decisions I have made in my whole career. When a surrogate is working with this company, I am sure she is being supported by an amazing team advocating for her and her family, which means misunderstandings will be easily solved, expectations will be clearly settled, and the surrogates` rights and well being will be the center of the process. In such a delicate journey as surrogacy, these things are unvaluable. They have a huge expertise, which they generously share with us, even coaching us. This company really cares about the women they work for, and Casey, Sunshine and their team are always ready to give us a call and make us solve things whenever there is a situation that needs attention, which may sound as an extra pressure for us, but at the end of the day ensures a great experience for the surrogate and her family, which is the biggest success in this field. Congratulations! No doubts you will keep growing more and more every day, because you were SO needed!
Santiago Agustin
Agency Partner
Surrogacy Is has been nothing but helpful and exceptional. They have been there every step of the way, checked in often, explained everything and always made sure I have been comfortable and understood what’s happening. Nothing but beautiful helpful people
Ashley Surrogacy Is Review
Ashley Marie Latta
Experienced Surrogate
surrogacy Is is amazing, Thanks to them I am able to do a second Journey. couldn't be more grateful and thankful for this agency and their support.
Jennie Jinnevik Surrogacy Is Review
Jennie Jinnevik
Experienced Surrogate
I can’t recommend surrogacy is enough. This is my 5 star review. I knew I wanted to be a surrogate but I didn’t know where to start. As soon as I filled out the free questionnaire, I was contacted by Alexandra. Alexandra answered all the questioned I had and helped me every step of the way get started. She is still my friend helping whenever I have questions or just need someone to talk to. If I was confused about any part of the journey, I knew I could turn to Alexandra. If you are considering being a surrogate, contact surrogacy is and get started today. You won’t regret it.
Elyse Bilancia Surrogacy Is Review
Elyse Bilancia
Experienced Surrogate
Surrogacy Is is a wonderful women powered company. As a first time surrogate that was so afraid of being another statistic. Since joining Surrogacy Is I have not ever felt that way. I have Alexandra as my advocate and she has been there for me every step of the way. She has been genuine with how she cares for you. She always has my best interest at heart with every step of my journey. Alexandra is quite literally my biggest cheerleader with every step I accomplish. She is one of the amazing people who make you feel welcome and wanted. They are always making sure you are okay and that your personal needs are met. I can always ask questions or bring up a concern I may have and it is met with care and answers. I have never met a more knowledgeable and trustworthy group of women. I truly made a great choice choosing Surrogacy Is for my journey.
Kathryn Gammon Surrogacy Is Review
Kathryn Gammon
Experienced Surrogate

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Surrogacy Is literally such an amazing group and the two ladies who have walked through my Surrogacy journey from when I was just beginning to matching me with an agency, to keeping me uplifted and encouraging me, are so amazing! Cherish and Alexandra are two extremely thoughtful and sweet woman who I am so blessed that they are helping me navigate my own surrogacy journey! I can't recommend Surrogacy Is enough!!
Brittney Redman Surrogacy Is Review
Brittney Redman
Experienced Surrogate
wow where to start??... if you are like me and have dreamed of becoming a surrogate but didn't know where to start I highly recommend surrogacy is!! I took one quick quiz and was connected with the most amazing person ever...Alexandra😊😊 from long talks about being patient and keeping the Faith to excited text messages when I was finally matched with my dream couple... there just aren't enough words to explain how amazing they have made this experience for me. Thank you ladies for shedding light on how beautiful and selfless this decision is and for having our backs every step of the way as we walk in our purposes 💓💓💓
Aneicia Banks Surrogacy Is Review
Aneicia Banks
Experienced Surrogate
I have nothing bad I could ever say! From start to current, my experience with Surrogacy is has been so welcoming, reassuring, and supportive! Alexandria checks in with me weekly to see how I’m doing, if I have any questions, and sometimes just to have a small conversation! Casey has also been a sweetheart! I started this journey, it’s my first, and was accepted with NYSC. It went very smoothly, I love them, but I was preliminarily cleared with a fertility clinic they had just partnered with And didn’t yet have IP’s. Casey reached out, we chatted, and she found me another clinic with IP’s ready to go! I have so much respect and love for these ladies 🖤
Ashley Loberg Surrogacy Is Review
Brittney Redman
Experienced Surrogate
Surrogacy Is has been the best guidance along my surrogacy journey! They have made me feel completely comfortable and supported. Never once have I felt like a number. I feel like they genuinely care about me and that we have been creating friendships. They have been the perfect advocate on my behalf and making sure that my voice is heard and my desires are met. I’m so glad the universe brought me to Surrogacy Is because this entire process has been flawless and I am excited to continue the journey! I highly recommend you reach out to Surrogacy Is if you have any questions about the beautiful experience of becoming a surrogate! ♥️🙏🏼
Leah Biersack Surrogacy Is Review
Leah Biersack
Experienced Surrogate
I have had an amazing experience so far. Alexandra and Casey have been there with me every step of the way and they have been so thorough and understanding. In the initial first steps They focus on whether or not it truly is a good fit for you to be a surrogate and do not try to force anything. They matched me with an amazing agency and I matched with the most amazing Mom. So excited for the rest of my journey ❤️
Kelly Portillo Surrogacy Is Review
Kelly Portillo
Experienced Surrogate
Casey and Alexandra have been so nice and helpful through my process of everything, they check on me periodically and make sure I’m doing okay and make sure I don’t have any questions. Would absolutely recommend Surrogacy Is 😊
Paula Dunlap Surrogacy Is Review
Paula Dunlap
Experienced Surrogate
Of course I’d highly recommend Surrogacy is!! Anytime I had any questions starting my journey there was always an answer on hand. If I needed advice Casey and Alexandria were always amazing!So excited for the rest of my journey ❤️
Elisa Dacanay Surrogacy Is Review
Elisa Dacanay
Experienced Surrogate
Yessss 🙌🏼☺️Absolutely would recommend Surrogacy is.They have been nothing short of amazing from the check ins faithfully every week with Alexandra to the community group on FB always answering questions etc. Casey helped find my agency to work with and they are sooo amazing my team. I couldn’t be happier!
Donteah Gdudley Surrogacy Is Review
Donteah Gdudley
Experienced Surrogate