How To Become a Surrogate in California

Thank you for your interest in learning more about how to become a surrogate in California. That means your heart is big enough to want to help couples and single individuals start a family. I know how magical it is because I’ve helped 3 couples start a family and it is the best feeling ever! And the money I earned for this gift is not bad either.

In this article, we will be talking about everything you need to know in order to become a surrogate in California plus you can get access to our support system where our team of experienced surrogates provide free consultations.

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We Can Help You Become a Surrogate

How We Can Help You Become a Surrogate in California

Like I said, we are experienced surrogates and we know the ins and outs of the process. California is one of the most surrogate friendly states, not only because of the laws, but also because some of the most innovative and successful fertility clinics in the world are located in California. That is one of the upsides however, the application process is daunting and you could end up filling out very long forms only to end up getting rejected over and over again, since many agencies have variations in their requirements for surrogates.

Filling out forms and hearing rejections are the struggles that we have eliminated for you. With us, you simply fill out a short survey to see if you are qualified to become a surrogate in California and we’ll be the one to shop for the trusted and ethical surrogacy agency that is a perfect fit for you. And we do all of this at no cost to you.

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Requirements of becoming a surrogate in California

One of the things we take pride in is matching surrogates with the right surrogacy agency in CA. Though there are standard requirements in California when it comes to surrogacy, it is our and our partner agency’s job to make sure that candidates are physically and emotionally ready to carry a surrogate pregnancy.

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Age requirement
Typically between ages 21 to 40 years old. This may vary from agency to agency but the age requirement is set to make sure that the surrogate is able to handle the physical demands of pregnancy.

Health Requirements
Not everyone is fit to become a surrogate mother in California no matter how eager they are to help. These health requirements are set in order to protect you, the surrogate, the intended parents, and most importantly, the baby. Some health requirements you may encounter are;

  • BMI between 19 to 30 (Check out the BMI Calculator)
  • Drug free and smoke free.
  • No cancer and haven’t undergone any radiation or chemotherapy.
  • No history of serious mental illness and not under significant medication.

Beyond these you must also agree to undergo physical and psychological examinations in order to ensure that you are physically and emotionally ready to become a surrogate.

Pregnancy Requirements

  • You must have at least one healthy child.
  • No more than 2 C-sections and 6 vaginal deliveries.
  • No preterm births unless in case of twins.
  • No major pregnancy complications.

Other requirements

  • One of the most important requirement is that the surrogate must have a strong support system at home and her spouse or partner is in on the journey as well.
  • A U.S. citizen or permanent resident.
  • Fluent in English.
  • No criminal record.
  • Not a recipient of any government financial assistance like food stamps, WIC, housing, AFDC, TANF.
  • Commitment to follow through and submit to all tests before and during the pregnancy.

Surrogacy Compensation and Benefits in California

Surrogate mothers in California are paid very well! Of all the states in the US, CA Surrogates are the most desirable because of their proximity to the best IVF Clinics in the world and the ease of the legal process for intended parents. Carrying a child for another family is a noble act, and you can never put a price on family, however, CA surrogates earn the highest compensation out there. To give you an idea of how good the pay is, Sunshine was able to take her family on a vacation to Maui and Thailand save up a down payment for a house, and pay off her debt completely with the compensation from surrogacy.

Compensation packages vary from agency to agency and the requirements they need to fulfill for the intended parents but in general compensation ranges from $50,000 to $75,000. Experienced surrogates may get even more, in some cases, if they meet the strictest requirements of certain Premier IVF doctors.

Surrogates also receive a medication start fee, allowances for clothes, travel, food, child care incurred during appointments, health insurance and more.

These compensation and benefits are outlined and agreed upon before a binding agreement is signed.

Surrogacy compensation and benefits california

Surrogacy Laws in California

Surrogacy Laws in California

Surrogacy is legal in California and the laws are outlined in the Family Code – FAM § 7960. As I said, California is one the most surrogate friendly states and has clear cut laws when it comes to surrogacy.

Even then, you will still need the guidance of an experienced agency and ART attorney to make sure that all your legal needs are met as well as the intended parents’. All “what ifs” will be addressed like what if there is a miscarriage? What if there are multiple babies? What if the parents are unable to arrive in time for the birth? As well as compensation, benefits, and requirements from both parties.

There are plenty of Moms in our community that can help you as well if you have questions since many of them have become proficient at this process because of multiple surrogacies.

Our 2-Step Surrogacy Application Process in California

  1. Take the quiz to see if you are fit to become a surrogate in CA.
  2. We look for a surrogacy agency on your behalf. All for FREE

Agency matching is very important because the agency you work with will take care of your payments, communicate with Doctors, Lawyers, Psychologists, and everybody involved so that all are on the same page. That is a lot of responsibility and a good agency makes sure that nothing falls through the cracks.

 Believe it or not, there are surrogacy agencies in California that are more concerned with collecting fees rather than protecting the interests of the surrogate mother.

That being said, working with us will save you hours of work and potential heartaches from being declined and having to start over and over again. Not to mention the possibility of getting scammed.

I hope we helped you learn how to become a surrogate in California and if you are ready to know if you qualify or not, click the button below to take the quiz. A hopeful couple will be forever grateful to you and a supportive family of surrogates is waiting to welcome you.

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We are Surrogacy Is, a company founded by me, Sunshine, and Casey and we’ve been surrogate mothers 3 times and 2 times respectively. We started the company after learning how life changing surrogacy is for both the intended parents and us, as surrogates.

The compensation is great because it enables you to make life changing decisions like putting in a down payment for a home, paying off crushing debt, or taking your family on magnificent tropical vacations, and much more.

However, we also know that there are shady agencies out there who are don’t look out for the best interest of Moms, just like you, whose only intention is to help others. So we decided to step in and help Moms avoid these bad actors, and get connected with legitimate, ethical, and experienced surrogacy agencies..