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How Much Do Surrogates Get Paid In Washington State?

How Much Do Surrogates Get Paid In Washington State?

Surrogates are rewarded generously in Washington state because of the gift of life and the gift of family that they give to struggling couples. I remember speaking with intended parents and you can literally sense their pain, frustration and anxiety while at the same time feeling the overflowing love that they have to give.

That is one thing that makes being a surrogate easy to do again and again, once you’ve completed your first journey. From the moment you speak with intended parents, you’ll be overcome with emotions. Happiness, sadness, hope, love, frustration, fear, and a lot of other things. But the best part is, you, as a surrogate, have the ability to heal the source of all the negative emotions and leave them with happiness and love and faith right after giving birth. Nothing can be more rewarding than that.

Getting to the point of surrogate pay in Washington state, first time surrogates are compensated anywhere from $45,000 to $60,000 plus any other benefits or bonuses agreed upon.

Experienced surrogates and those who carry twins are paid even more.

Surrogates in Washington state are compensated in four different stages.

  • Before pregnancy
  • During pregnancy.
  • Postpartum and,
  • As needed.

The amounts listed below may vary depending on the circumstances and the agency. Because surrogacy is in high-demand, and the standards to qualify are tough to meet, surrogacy agencies are offering better benefits and packages so you choose them over their competition. Great news for surrogates because it means that compensation is rising to better reflect the amount of time and sacrifice involved in enduring the IVF process to carry and deliver a child for someone else!

Recommended Surrogate Compensation Before Pregnancy in Washington State

  • $250+ monthly non-accountable allowance throughout the pregnancy.
  • $500+ mock cycle fee.
  • $500+ medication start fee.
  • $750+ embryo transfer fee
  • $1,000+ signing and other bonuses.
  • Health Insurance Premium (Actual Cost)
  • Legal Representation (Actual Cost)

Recommended Surrogate Pay During Pregnancy in WA

  • $500,000+ Life Insurance.
  • $500+ Clothing Allowance.
  • $45,000+ Base Compensation Divided in Equal Monthly Payments.

Recommended Postpartum Surrogate Payments in Washington State

  • $250+ Weekly Allowance for Pumping Breastmilk.
  • Mental Health Professional if Needed. (Actual Cost)
  • Health Insurance Premium Continues until 2 Months or Longer.
  • Lost Wages Due to Postpartum Recovery (6 weeks for normal delivery, 8 weeks for C-section)

As-Needed Surrogate Compensation

  • $500+ Canceled Cycle Fee.
  • $2,500+ C-Section Fee.
  • $400+ Weekly Bedrest Allowance.
  • Spouse’s Lost Wages (Actual Cost)
  • Fees for Invasive Procedures such as amniocentesis, cervical cerclage, etc.
  • Childcare reimbursement (Actual Cost)
  • Travel expenses (Actual Cost)
  • $6,000+ per Additional Fetus.

The intended parents will shoulder all expenses associated with the pregnancy, on top of the base compensation and benefit package. Again, the numbers above are “in general” and the actual numbers will depend on the surrogacy agency that you choose, as well as the intended parents you match with through the agency.

If you or anybody you know is interested in becoming a surrogate in Washington State, click on the button below and take our 8-minute pre-qualifying quiz. If you qualify, we will hop on a call to educate you about the process, determine what the ideal experience would look like for you individually, and help you choose a reputable surrogacy agency that will take good care of you and provide the best overall experience, including compensation.