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Why don’t I just find someone to help, and skip the agency?

Why don’t I just find someone to help, and skip the agency?

Surrogacy is such a complicated process, with many moving legal, medical and emotional aspects.

Intended parents and surrogates who decide to complete a surrogacy without an agency are responsible for coordinating all the information and communication necessary to make that process happen. It can be complicated enough for someone who’s experienced with the surrogacy process, but for those who have no idea what to expect, it will be overwhelming.

That’s why surrogacy agencies exist — to do all of that work for you.

That way, rather than focusing on the paperwork, medical information, legalities and other aspects, intended parents and surrogates can be confident that their surrogacy process is being completed and every necessary step is being taken care of.

Because of the expertise that surrogacy agencies offer, this is usually a no-brainer decision for those looking to complete the process. This leaves you and the intended parents stress-free and enjoying each milestone this pregnancy and life changing journey has to offer. Enjoy those moments – and let the experts handle the rest!