Surrogacy In Vermont

How to Become a Surrogate in Vermont

As of this writing, one in eight couples in the United States are affected by infertility and are having trouble conceiving. That is about 6.7 million people each year who are trying but are unable to start a family and are unsure whether they will be able to do so.

Out of 6.7 million, approximately 3% of them, or 201,000 people, will need to undergo IVF to get pregnant or seek the help of a surrogate in order to start a family.


Areas We Serve

We serve the entire state of Vermont so it does not matter if you are from the big cities like Burlington, South Burlington, Rutland, Essex Junction, Bennington, Barre, Winooski, Montpelier, Middlebury, St. Albans or from smaller cities like Randolph, Windsor, Bristol, Wilder, or Richford. Wherever you are in Vermont, if you want to become a surrogate, we can help.

If you are reading this and you have a family and you do not have a problem getting pregnant and carrying it to term, you are very lucky because millions of people each year can only dream of what you have right now.

Which leads us to the great opportunity of becoming a surrogate in Vermont and giving the gift of family to a couple who will never have the chance to have children on their own. The path to parenthood is never easy and, sometimes, it takes a village to make a deserving couple become parents.

Who We Are & How We Can Help

We are a group of experienced surrogates with hundreds of surrogacy journeys under our belt and our goal is to make it extremely easy for moms just like you to become surrogates and in turn help more hopeful couples and individuals become parents.

Prior to Surrogacy Is, aspiring surrogates would have to go through a time consuming and draining process just to be able to apply to become a surrogate. You’d have to go to one surrogacy agency after another, fill out long application forms before you could even speak to someone on the phone, and follow up with agencies one after the other. It is extremely tiring and many moms give up just because of the difficult application process.

Here at Surrogacy Is, you simply fill out our short pre-qualifying quiz and, if you qualify, we take care to get to know you and find the right surrogacy agency for you allowing you to skip the exhausting process and move more quickly into the exciting part of choosing who you want to help!

Aside from that, you’ll also have access to a support group that can answer all your questions and concerns throughout your journey.

Steps To Become a Surrogate in Vermont

As mentioned above, we eliminate most of the difficult process so it becomes a positive and memorable experience for you. Dealing with surrogacy agencies can be tricky because even if most of them are nationwide some only work with selected regions in the country and may have specific restrictions and requirements that others don’t.

  1. Fill out our short 8-minute pre-qualifying quiz.
  2. If qualified, we get on a call to explain the next steps, answer any other lingering questions, and have a conversation about your health and pregnancy history to make sure surrogacy is safe for you.
  3. Then we do the agency shopping and present reputable surrogacy agency options who have already pre-approved you based on their criteria.

Requirements To Become a Gestational Surrogate in Vermont

Requirements may vary from one surrogacy agency to another and some intended parents may have their own requirements as well but, in general, below are some of the requirements needed to become a surrogate in Vermont.

  • Ideally aged 21 – 40.
  • BMI between 18 – 34.
  • Good pregnancy history.
  • Good physical health.
  • Parenting at least one child.
  • Does not use illegal drugs.
  • No criminal history.
  • Financially stable.
  • Learn more about the requirements HERE.

Your willingness to help and dedication to go through the process is also a big factor because carrying a pregnancy is not easy and, as you probably know, can be full of surprises.

Surrogacy Requirements Vermont

Hear surrogates talk about the myths and misconceptions they’ve encountered in their journey to be life-giving supermoms.

Hear Sunshine tell the story of her first surrogacy journey that changed her life forever!

Surrogate Compensation

How much do surrogates get paid in Vermont? Surrogates are generously compensated because carrying a pregnancy is no easy task. It is more challenging than personal pregnancy because you will have to go through IVF and other tests in order to get pregnant. This translates to approximately sacrificing 12 months of your time, efforts, and emotions in order to make a couple’s dream come true.

Surrogates in Vermont are paid between $40,000 to $75,000 and even more if there are special requests from intended parents.

Payments can be broken down into four segments.

  1. Compensation before pregnancy.
  2. Compensation during pregnancy.
  3. Compensation after giving birth (Post Partum).
  4. As needed compensation and benefits like bed rest allowance, lost wages, invasive procedure fee, etc…

These include but are not limited to;

  • Mock cycle fee starting at $500+.
  • Embryo transfer fee starting at $1,000+.
  • C-section fee $2,500+
  • Health insurance premiums (actual cost).
  • Monthly allowance.
  • Lost wages (actual)
  • And more.

Compensation is discussed prior to signing an agreement and it is advisable to ask all questions you may have so you know what to expect and what you are entitled to throughout the journey.

Surrogacy Laws Vermont

Surrogacy Laws in Vermont

Is Gestational Surrogacy Legal in Vermont? Yes under The Vermont Parentage Act of 2018

Is Compensated Surrogacy Legal? Yes. Commercial surrogacy is permitted in Vermont.

Is Same-Sex Surrogacy Legal? Yes. Same sex couples are granted the same rights as heterosexual couples.

The courts are pretty favorable with gestational surrogacy in Vermont and drafting a surrogacy contract should be fairly easy. It is advisable to work with experienced surrogacy agencies that can walk you through the process and the legalities so you are aware of your responsibilities as well as with the responsibilities of the intended parents.

What Are The Next Steps?

  1. Fill out our short 8-minute pre qualifying quiz to see if you qualify.
  2. Wait for us to match you with the best surrogacy agency in Vermont.