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How Much Do Surrogates Get Paid in California?

How Much Do Surrogates Get Paid in California?

Surrogate compensation is a bit of a taboo subject but I’ve become comfortable talking about it after three surrogacy journeys and after a ton of people asking about it and sharing their misconceptions and fears.

California is one of the most sought after places when it comes to surrogacy because of favorable laws both for the intended parents and the surrogates. California also has some of the best IVF clinics in the US so it really has the best of everything surrogacy wise.

Becoming a surrogate is undoubtedly one of the noblest things you can ever do in your lifetime so it shouldn’t be a surprise that surrogates are compensated generously.

In this article, I will be outlining the compensation to the best of my knowledge from years working in the industry with dozens of surrogacy agencies, clinics, and attorneys. Details vary from one contract to the next and depending on individual circumstances, but this is what you can expect in a general sense.

Surrogate compensation in California ranges from $40,000 to $75,000+ depending on several factors, such as health and pregnancy history, support system, and prior surrogacy experience. Some agencies will even have extras such as massage and spa treatments and even monetary bonuses in their benefit packages, once the surrogacy process starts and contracts have been signed.

Compensation and benefits can be divided into three stages. Before pregnancy, during pregnancy, and after pregnancy. Plus other as-needed compensation and benefits depending on certain circumstances.

Surrogacy compensation in California before pregnancy.

Surrogacy payments & benefits after pregnancy.

Contingent compensation and benefits.

In addition, Surrogacy Is provides a free support group to all Moms who start their journey with a surrogacy agency on our list of vetted and trusted agencies. A support group is very important since surrogacy is not a common journey and there may be a lot of unknowns to you and to the people around you.

Having access to other moms who have been through the same journey is priceless and not many agencies provide the level of engaged and active support as Surrogacy Is does.

Surrogacy is life changing to both the intended parents and the surrogate alike and many of the surrogates we’ve helped were able to pay off debts, pay for college tuition, put a down payment for a home, travel, and do other amazing things that would not have been possible if not for surrogacy.

It also instills a huge sense of pride knowing that you were able to help build a family and almost always have gained lifelong friends in the process.

Most surrogates we know choose to go through the journey multiple times and that point compensation becomes a secondary motivator. Once you become a surrogate, you’d want to do it over and over again. Trust me, we all said we’ll do this just once and many of us have gone through two or three surrogacy journeys because it’s so rewarding!

If you or someone you know might be interested in becoming a surrogate in California and want to learn about the requirements, click the link below and take our short 8-minute quiz to see if you qualify.