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4 Things That Stop People From Being Surrogates (and why!)

4 Things That Stop People From Being Surrogates (and why!)

Being a surrogate is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding things ever. I know because I’ve been a surrogate three times and the amazing feeling you get after giving birth and seeing the intended parents hold their baby that they’ve longed for for years and years never gets old. I still tear up just thinking about it.

This may be hard to believe but if only I could do it again, I would. Over and over and over again.

More than the compensation, which is a lot, by the way, surrogacy changes you and even the people around you. My husband was against surrogacy at first but after my first journey, he even helped me choose the next couple that we would help.

I know it sounds crazy but think of it this way. Surrogates help couples start a family that they would never have had if not for surrogacy. Surrogates give the gift of family and I don’t think anything can top that. Not even a billion dollars.

However, it is understandable why some moms would have second thoughts about becoming a surrogate and I will be talking about the top 4 reasons that I’ve come across after speaking with so many moms.

That being said, these obstacles can be overcome and are dwarfed by the rewards of becoming a surrogate except maybe if you have a health concern. I’ve dealt with all of these and have helped countless moms deal with these as well.

It all boils down to education and getting yourself emotionally and physically ready for the journey just like how you got yourself ready when you were planning your own pregnancy.

Negative people? You have no idea how easy it is to convert people from being haters to fans. Most of them are simply misinformed so once they’ve fully grasped and understood what surrogacy is and what it does to couples, they would thank you for doing it.

Talking about surrogacy felt weird the first few times but I’ve come to love educating people about it because the response and support is always overwhelming.

As of this writing there are thousands of couples who are desperately looking for moms who would be willing to help them start a family. If you are healthy, love carrying a baby inside you, and would love to gift a couple with the greatest gift ever, become a surrogate today.

We are actively looking for supermoms in California, Georgia, Delaware, and all throughout the United States.

Our company, Surrogacy Is, specializes in matching moms with surrogacy agencies that provide the best care and compensation. If you would like to know if you are qualified to become a surrogate, click on the link below and take our short 8-minute quiz.

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