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What’s it like to carry for a couple in another country?

What’s it like to carry for a couple in another country?

The obvious factors to consider when carrying a baby for a couple in another country are language barriers, cultural differences, and more practically, time differences! Thanks to technology, the ability to communicate across borders, time zones, and even languages, is simple and even free.

Getting to know someone from another country so intimately gives a unique opportunity Americans don’t often have to see an outside perspective from somewhere else in the world, which I found to be breathtaking and so rewarding in my first journey carrying for daddies in Australia.

Due to the distance and time difference, scheduling time to Skype and talk to each other during the week was often tricky, but I love knowing that they are there and I can ask them for outside perspective on world events, including American politics and the Pandemic and I just love hearing their views! I also love knowing that I have people I now consider family on the other side of the world and I plan to visit them in Melbourne as soon as humanly possible.

I adopted a child this year and I was waiting for her documents to get her a passport with her new name when COVID-19 landlocked us all so it will have to wait, but I’m sure glad I got to know them.

An important thing to consider for yourself personally is if you would feel disappointed if you couldn’t see them in person more often and have them attend doctor appointments with you. If that’s something that’s important to you, you might want to consider someone more local. But with Facetime and WeChat and all the other apps out there now, distance is much less of a barrier to connection than it used to be.